CCNA E0 and Fa0/0

Doing lap from book. The book has interface E0 and Fa0/0. What's the difference between the two ports? In Cisco Packet Tracers, it shows Fa0/0, but not E0. Do I need to insert a card for E0? What type of card?
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Cyclops3590Connect With a Mentor Commented:
the diagram shows that 3 routers have a single interface connected together in the same broadcast domain it looks like.  to me this means that you must have a switch in the mix as well.

So I would configure the Fa0/0 interface on those three  and connect them to the same switch.  The way you have it now you have a broadcast domain between R1 and R2 and another one between R2 and R3.  And the domains overlap in IP space so they can't effectively talk to one another.

Beyond the diagram, what is the book asking you to do?
Cyclops3590Connect With a Mentor Commented:
its just short form for the ethernet name
E = ethernet = 10Mbps
Fa = FastEthernet = 100Mbps
Gi = Gigabit Ethernet = 1000 Mbps

some devices support only 10Mbps interfaces some support Fa and some Gi.  It doesn't matter  If you have Fa interfaces only, that is fine; in fact its better than E so I wouldn't fret.  But yes, you might be able to find a card in Packet Tracer (but I can't remember for sure) that has only ethernet speed, but I wouldn't waste time on it.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Please look at attached image. the book says, implement this, but cant' figure how.
I connected 1 Fa0/0 on Router 1 --------------------- Fa0/0 on Router 2, Fa0/1 on Router 2--------------------Fa0/0 on Router 3, but it doesn't work. Router 1 and Router 2 is connected, but Router 2 and Router 3 doesn't ping each other.

I gave ip address as following for 3 routers;

Router 1: on Fa0/0
Router 2: on Fa0/0, on Fa0/1
Router 3: on Fa0/0
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smckeown777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
They can't ping each other because you have all the same subnet addresses

Router 2 - Fa0/1 - set this to and on Router 3 set Fa0/0 to you are assigning subnet 10.1.2.x)

Basically you've all the same subnet with 10.1.1.x which can't work - you need 2 different subnets for this to work

Why did you use those ip's? Where you told to use those? If so what subnet mask did you use?
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Reading Lammle's Lab 9.5. It shows the diagram as attached and says 'create IP scheme for the netework -something simple like,, and will work great'

So, I missed the ultra important fact of how router works. Two same subnet can't be connected through a single router.

Let me see if putting switch works.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
It works putting a switch.
Yes, I was working on how you said you connected Router1 - Router2 - Router3 - totally missed the diagram...@Cyclops is correct with switch
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