Backup Exec 2012 taking forever to backup SQL 2008 DBs

Our SQL database backups have gone from taking < 20 min to complete to several hours. The backup size remains the same, however the transfer rate to our Tandberg tape library has dropped considerably. This is after the backups were failing because of a redundancy check. We since have created a maintenance plan in SQL Management Studio to take care of that issue and also chose to ignore the checks in BE 2012. Now it backs up, but is incredibly slow.

This system is less than 6 months old.

We are a non-profit agency and was able to receive our Backup Exec 2012 software through Tech Soup. Because of this Symantec refuses to support it and will not even sell us support.

Any help will be appreciated.
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DyneLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you make changes that makes the tape library loose connectivity, even for a short period of time my experience tells me it's best to shutdown the BE server and restart the tape device - First when it's 100% ready turn on the server. If it keeps queening I would suggest the above.  Alternatively if you tape drive has a web interface login and see what the status is.
Hi - Can you give some more information on the setup?

What version of BE 2012 are you running. SP1 ?

Is the SQL server physical or virtual ? How is the library connected to the backup server?

Is it a full back up or incremental backup or both there is slow? Is it directly to tape or Duplicate from disc ?
If you open the Job history can you see any exceptions or errors in there? Are you backing up other servers with same issue on the same backup server?
ICantSeeAuthor Commented:
It is running SP1a I believe. Live Update was failing so I manually downloaded the newest service pack and installed it. Now when I run Live Update it finds 1 update, SP1a and wants to download and install it. I say O.K., it fails... I don't know. It SHOULD already be SP1a. That's what I downloaded. (BE1798RSP1a_x64bit)

Our SQL Server is a Windows 2 node failover cluster (Hyper-V). It's operating system is Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition.

There was a card that came with the Tandberg tape library. I installed it in one of the hardware servers along with the BE 2012 software.

Both backup types are slow now.

Everything was running fine for a month and a half or so. Then I started getting "Database Redundancy Check failed" errors and the job would fail. We created a maintenance plan for the DBs and told BE 2012 to ignore the redundancy check error. Now the backups complete, but take forever. The data transfer rate is pathetic compared to what it used to be.

I am getting a "cannot access writer" error on my Exchange backup.

My data server backups and my SharePoint backups seem to be completing normally.
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Generally the Live update for Symantec is bugged - I normally have to download them manually and install as it fails stopping the services.

There is a bunch of hotfixes available try to search on the Symantec support site for issues with SP1a.

First make sure you are using the Symantec Tape drive drivers and not the vendors something  else. Check in device manager for the tape drive.

Afterwards open the job and de-select the databases and save job. Then open it again select the databases and save – Run job. - If that still give issues try add backup to disc folder and create a new job that points to there. Just to verify if the issue is with the connection to server or tape drive. Also plenty of reboots after driver installs etc.
ICantSeeAuthor Commented:
Working on your suggestions.

I reinstalled the Symantec drivers for my tape library and rebooted the server.

I removed the database drives from the backup, saved it, then added them back in, saved and ran a differential. It's been queued for 33 minutes so far. Why does it do that? The correct tape has been loaded into the library drive. Why doesn't it just start writing?
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