Apache: Cache Item for Random Period

Using Apache, is there any way to randomize the length of time that an item is cached?  I would like an item to be cached for a random period between 604800 seconds and 1209600 seconds.
Header set Cache-Control "public, max-age=" (random number between 604800 and 1209600)

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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, sorry. It's not directly possible, one possibility is http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/rewrite/rewritemap.html#prg
But this is beyond my knowing, request attention to add perl to the topics - if it's something your interested in.
Just use rand in the header
rand(604800, 1209600);
hankknightAuthor Commented:
rand is a PHP function.  I need to do this with Apache in the .htaccess file.
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