Terminal Servers 2003 and office 2003 normal.dot

We have a few Terminal Servers (2003 server) running office 2003,  when someone opens word or outlook new email word as editor and exit it gives an error that it can not save the normal.dot.  We can not rename the file because it is locked by another user.  How would I go about having the users have their own normal.dot on TS user accounts and not 1 main one that gets locked by the first person to open word.
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I think that you have realised the fact that each user must have their own Normal template. If you still have difficulties, I do stress that fact: "You cannot share the Normal template"
I would check the user profile to see if thats causing the issue first. If it's happening to ALL users then it would be a problem. You may just have to recreate one or two user profiles to fix that issue.
jvanhooseAuthor Commented:
It is happening to all profiles.
jvanhooseAuthor Commented:
oh I know, our server person no longer works here and im getting a crash course.
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