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Shape Rotation in Adobe Illustrator

I'm trying to rotate a shape (a triangle) downwards, but I need the bottom of the triangle, if you will, to remain in place, or in this case left aligned and I cant figure it out. I'm an advanced Photoshop user but new to Illustrator. I have attached an image of the effect I am trying to accomplish
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I'm also more comfy in Photoshop.  In Photoshop we can move the pivot point in a transform.    I just tried the method below and it works fine.    Once the dialog pops, you can have "preview" checked, click into the degree input and using the scroll wheel rotate, to your desired angle.

"There is a way with the Rotate Tool (R)

Select your triangle
Click the Rotate tool
Pressing alt click where you want your center to be.
A dialog should popup prompting for an angle. You can go on an fill it out."

I stole this from this thread,
If the above answer isn't quite what you are after (BTW that answer is great) you could use the transform palette/dialog. Using the nine co-ordinate boxes and the pop out menu you should be able to reflect, swap, etc.

BTW – I always though Illustrator and photoshop should perform more task in the same manner.

If you / tilt downwards  if you will the triangle away from the background in the current slate, you'll need to deal with the colour left behind.
What you can do is create a new file white background the same size as the current then put a dotted line around triangle of choice/  to tilt
magic wand the triangle you want to tilt, copy that in to the new file and paste as a transparent then tilt it, take the dotted line off
 put a dotted line around the other triangle leave as is and copy it over to the new file
 now you would have a new image with two triangles but with the tilted.
Then flatten it.
Is this what you are kinda trying to do?
Example to illistrate, I'm using Paintshop pro 9
original now transparent
original now transparenttilted slightly transparent
tilted slightly transparentnew sample in a new file
new sampleThis will may give you some ides to work with
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Hi Merete, the question asks about Illustrator not PShop. Your methodology is correct though.
It doesn't matter jmpg_70 when you have been here as long as I have the idea is to assist with what we have and if you have used all these video editing  tools they all have similar methods, so it will assist regardless.
 what are you contributing besides critiques?
I thought I was commenting on the quality of your response, which is good. So if i've upset you have my apology.

I've been contributing for quite a while now and find some answers are skewed from the original question and in this case though it might help the OP by highlighting the difference.

how about you offer an apology!

As an answer to your question, I've been answering questions based on my personal experience  in the print and design industries. I've learn the answer to many of the questions asked the hard way, at three in the morning with fifty thousand dollar jobs waiting to be printed and plating jobs to be ripped and jobs to be imposed and trapped, with inexperienced graphic designers providing less than suitable artwork, while supervising three staff who can't separate seven plate seps (CMYK ,spot silver spot gloss and spot UVs) who have trade qualifications as Graphic Reproductionists but know shit. I changed careers and became a Graphic designer producing exhibition design work for cultural institutions and government agencies, I know what commercial pressure is, so if you don't like my commentary, sorry but lighten up, I was trying to help...

And guaranteed I know but don't share two or three other methods to every question i answer, but I keep some stuff to myself as it is generally to complicated to express ( because I am generally doing this stuff late at night) and confuses the majority of users.

And, when I am not at work or with family I volunteer at a letterpress museum and am learning hot metal typesetting so I can share that with the world and better understand an industry I love. Oh lastly I am studying a second degree in Web design and technology to have a greater grasp on the skills and technology.

If you want to be helpful find the original question i asked about Visio ( which hasn't been aswered yet) and give me an answer
jmpg_70 It's been deleted, take a look in your profile matey.
Click on Activity then questions>
Refs to>>
If you want to be helpful find the original question i asked about Visio ( which hasn't been aswered yet) and give me an answer...
deleted Visio questionsorry can't help you on that.
I hardly use the profile so I didn't know that tool existed. You learn something everyday.

You could help anyway, no one else could. As you can see I don't ask many questions so I get nothing from this forum really except helping ocassionaly.

Wheres my apology?
deitercat1Author Commented:
My passion is for designing graphics in Photoshop, but this is yet another reminder to me that it would be extremely valuable for me to become much more proficient in Illustrator. Thanks for your response on this.
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