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Microsoft SkyDrive

Posted on 2013-06-26
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-06-29
Windows 8, SkyDrive 107GB storage
I've been trying or a week to submit this question to Microsoft Community help but when I click submit nothing happens. I've tried on my desktop PC and on an iPad with same result. Even though I'm paying for 100GB SkyDrive storage there seems to be no Live Chat tech support or phone support. So I'm left with Community Support which won't accept my question as follows:
Why have the green dots disappeared from the files and folders in my SkyDrive folder on my desktop PC? A new folder I put there is not syncing with SkyDrive in the cloud. Green dots ARE visible in the SkyDrive folder on my new Surface Pro but very little from the latest folder added to the desktop SkyDrive folder is in the cloud SkyDrive. In the System Tray > customise, I selected Show Icon and Notifications but the SkyDrive icon that appears when I start my PC disappears within a few minutes. When it is there, and I hover over it, it disappears immediately. How can I fix this please?
Any suggestions please?
Question by:Martin Campbell
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Expert Comment

by:Jason Schlueter
ID: 39278530
I need a bit of clarification.

Your tablet (Surface Pro) and your desktop have the SkyDrive app installed?
You are creating the folder on your tablet, correct?
When you create that folder on your tablet and add files, do those files get uploaded to SkyDrive? (Check skydrive.com)
Does the folder get created on your desktop by the SkyDrive app?

I assume that the SkyDrive service is running and the icon in the system tray shows a little white cloud with a green progress bar.

When you say "SkyDrive icon" do you mean the taskbar icon or the green "sync/pending" dots?

Is the icon disappearing on both the tablet and the desktop?

If all that is correct, something is either turning off the service or killing the app/icon.  It could be an anti-virus program.

Lastly, what version of Windows is on your desktop?  The Surface Pro is running 8.

Get back to us on that and we'll go from there.

Expert Comment

by:Willie Liebrand, CTS-D
ID: 39280312
My desktop Skydrive has also stopped working. The sync icon on the task bar disappears. I reinstall and it comes up for a minute and then a dialogue box comes up that says 'We couldn't find your Skydrive folder in c:\Users\*********

The Skydrive folder is where it has always been. I have Windows 8.

Author Comment

by:Martin Campbell
ID: 39280744
Thanks Jason but I've no time right now. I'll tackle this on Saturday morning. Motav seems to have the same problem.
Motav, have you tried to ask the question in the SkyDrive Community Help?
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Expert Comment

by:Willie Liebrand, CTS-D
ID: 39280766
I have resolved my SkyDrive problem.

After reading in various places about this issue, I uninstalled the SkyDrive app, rebooted my computer and then reinstalled the app.

After reinstalling the app, I was taken through the setup procedure, asked to select the location of my SkyDrive, etc.

It is busy syncing as we speak and checking on my laptop, changes I have made are being transferred.

I did back up my SkyDrive folder first. This is all very scary :-(

Willie (motav)

Author Comment

by:Martin Campbell
ID: 39282606
Your tablet (Surface Pro) and your desktop have the SkyDrive app installed?  Yes.

You are creating the folder on your tablet, correct?  No. I created the SkyDrive folder on my old desktop PC, moved a 5GB folder from my Documents folder to the SkyDrive folder. This seems to have synced perfectly to SkyDrive online and to SkyDrive folder on the tablet. A few days later I moved another folder of about 335 MB. Only 65MB synced to the tablet.

When you create that folder on your tablet and add files, do those files get uploaded to SkyDrive? (Check skydrive.com). I haven't tried that yet because first I want to get everything already on the desktop to sync to the tablet via SkyDrive only.

Does the folder get created on your desktop by the SkyDrive app? I fist downloaded and installed the SkyDrive desktop app on the desktop PC. Then I did the same on the tablet.

I assume that the SkyDrive service is running and the icon in the system tray shows a little white cloud with a green progress bar. No. This is the problem. No cloud icon, no green progress bar, no green dots on the folders in the SkyDrive desktop folder.

When you say "SkyDrive icon" do you mean the taskbar icon or the green "sync/pending" dots? I mean the little cloud icon on the taskbar. It's not there.

Is the icon disappearing on both the tablet and the desktop? It all seems to be ok on the tablet. The problem is only on the desktop.

Desktop also has Windows 8.

Author Comment

by:Martin Campbell
ID: 39282637
I'm glad to hear you have solved it. I'll wait to see what Jason comes back with before I copy what you did.

My big worry is reliability. If I'm not confident in the system I can't risk embracing Microsoft's plan. If I lose my data I lose my business.

I hope Carbonite can backup the desktop SkyDrive. I haven't checked this yet.

Author Comment

by:Martin Campbell
ID: 39282640
I have Kaspersky Pure 2.0

Assisted Solution

by:Willie Liebrand, CTS-D
Willie Liebrand, CTS-D earned 600 total points
ID: 39282732

I did a backup because I was not sure if uninstalling the app would remove all reference to the existing SkyDrive folder or indeed delete it.

Once I deleted the app I checked and saw that the SkyDrive folder had retained its integrity. When I reinstalled the app it asked me if I wanted to reference the existing folder or select a new location.

When I decided to move to Cloud services I researched the various options and considered things like security, etc. I decided on SkyDrive because using Office 365, I had a single trusted provider for the entire data storage / office service.

We must accept the none of the cloud storage providers will guarantee your data 100%. Read the small print. We have to treat the Cloud drives like any other drive and do regular backups, and that is our responsibility.

The Microsoft products have always been structured around business, whereas many companies who wish to compete with Microsoft have there grass roots in the consumer realm.

Accepted Solution

Jason Schlueter earned 1400 total points
ID: 39282771
During an initial sync, what is on SkyDrive is the master copy.  It will copy those items to your folder, then it will compare what is different and those items that exist which are not on SkyDrive will be uploaded to SkyDrive.

Go ahead an uninstall.  To be safe, I would move the whole directory (or simply change the directory's name) and then create a new directory to treat as your "SkyDrive" main directory.  Do the install and then sync to that folder.  Then you can do a file system copy the whole folder to that directory and you'll be notified of discrepancies (yes to all, no to all, etc.)  Even if you overwrite everything, only the items that have changed will be re-uploaded though each item will have to be reevaluated.

In short; uninstall it and reinstall it.  You're not going to lose anything.  If bandwidth (and time) isn't a problem and you want exactly what is on SkyDrive right now, first uninstall SkyDrive, then delete that folder, finally reinstall SkyDrive.  It'll copy everything as it exists online.

Back in the live sync and mesh days it was a little bit more of a problem.  SkyDrive is pretty sharp.

I must say that I don't want to be held responsible if all of your stuff disappears.  I am certain that it will not but don't blame me if it does.

Author Comment

by:Martin Campbell
ID: 39286730
Thank you very much Jason and motav. That worked. 1.5GB of the 5.7GB folder have already synced. My 50MB connection means it's not taking a lifetime to sync.  The Cloud icon with progress bar now running on the taskbar. Green dots beginning to appear on files and folders in the SkyDrive folder.

A couple of issues remain.

1. On Windows 8 Start screen (tiles) I see the SkyDrive tile which is a folder with blue clouds as before. That leads to the SkyDrive folder. But the tile which has white clouds only, no folder, is not on the Start screen. Both are on my tablet Start screen. The one with the white clouds leads straight to SkyDrive.com. How can I get that tile back?

2. I presume this doesn't matter but I notice the SkyDrive desktop folder icon on my desktop PC is the blue clouds whereas the same folder on my tablet is a the blue clouds in yellow folder. It seems a little odd to me that these are not identical icons.

Expert Comment

by:Jason Schlueter
ID: 39287093
Unfortunately with Windows 8 there are two SkyDrive programs. The "metro" which allows you to browse your drive but does not sync and the sync one that you installed. After installation it will make a foldered start metro icon in the start screen. The other browse SkyDrive program can be re downloaded from the marketplace. Just like a Windows Phone, it is mostly to browse, not to sync.

It was just announced last week that with the next Windows update (8.1), the two programs will be merged into one. If you just had this problem in the near future it would have been so much easier to fix!

Have a fantastic weekend. Come out to Tucson. It's already 114 degrees!

Author Comment

by:Martin Campbell
ID: 39287124
114F is just too much. Come to Dublin to cool down. Middle of the summer and it's now 21 Celsius (70 F). I can see the Guinness brewery from an upstairs window.

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