Change BGP to OSPF precedure

I need to change a router's a protocol from BGP to OSPF. This is on a internal router to the network and does not need BGP. I have a good idea how it's done, but what I want to do and I'm not sure about, is to change OSPF so that it will not take over until it's fully in place. I think I need to change the AD so that it's larger then BGP, but I'm not sure about it. After OSPF is in place,  I I'll change the OSPF AD back so that it will take over, then I can check the routing table and when I see BGP is not being used I can remove BGP?

Does anyone know how I would do this?

Thank you,
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Jan SpringerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
router bgp blah
  distance 90
Jan SpringerCommented:
You configure OSPF and add the networks.

Verify that you can see the subnets in the OSPF database.

Shut off iBGP.
dsterlingAuthor Commented:
That is not what I ask, please don't answer, I'll wait for someone that understands the question.
naderzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another way would be to make all relative interfaces passive under OSPF until you are ready. When you are ready to unleash OSPF remove passive interfaces. I would issue the passive-interface command before assigning networks under OSPF.
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