existing users accepted domains(hub transp) ? exch2010

i justed added "anotheraccpeteddomain.com" to exchange 2010 as authoritive.  These existing users about 100 from different OUs now have to have their email domains changed to reflect "anotheraccepteddomain.com" when they send(outgoing) and when the recieve(incoming).  I've got all the external reg, dns, mx records things taken care of and waiting propegation.

..but for exchange 10 after adding the 'anotheraccepteddomain.com' hub transport, possibly just setting the smtp primary address as the new 'anotheraccepteddomain.com' what else is missing/wrong?

thank you.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
You need to adjust or create an email address policy to change the email address on those users automatically.

dee30Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
done... but how do you get that policy to apply to a user you moved into an OU that policy was set, afterwards?   e.g. OUloc1\salespersons  i applied policy to that and all is good.  I then moved a use from ouside that OU to OUloc1\salespersons.  Does it auto update that one user with the pol or do you have to reapply the pol etc... ?  note there are other OUs under OUloc1 and over 100 users.  Thx
dee30Author Commented:
figured out second part but thanks for confirming the first part Sembee2.   Thx
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