Suggestions to lock keyboard ribbon onto Motherboard in a laptop

This a HP ProBook.  In an attempt to replace a bad hard drive, we accidentally broke the little black clip which holds the keyboard ribbon securely into the motherboard port.  On this laptop, you have to remove the KB to get to the hard drive. Does anyone have a suggestion  on ways to re-anchor this ribbon short of replacing the motherboard which is prohibitively expensive and time consuming?  I know that a USB KB will work but would rather use the integrated KB.  This is still a very nice system with W7 and would to make it usable again.  Thanks.
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marek1712Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Plenty options to choose from ;)
- silicone glue. Make sure it doesn't insulate the ribbon from the pinouts;
- duct tape/electrical tape - may fall off after some time.
Did you break the clip (the part that moves) or the part on the MoBo? If it is the clip then you may be able to go to a repair should and see about getting one from one of their trashed computers.
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
that or hot glue
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tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
Do any of you know where the contact points are on the ribbon?  Are they on the very bottom edge of the ribbon or on the left or right hand side?  I'm asking since I think it would be important to create some pressure on the opposite side of the ribbon to force better contact.   I believe that  the little black clip was most likely creating some pressure against the ribbon to ensure contact but I don't know how the clip works since it was broken quickly while trying to remove it from the motherboard.  This black clip is very thin, stiff, fragile piece of plastic.  I have the two pieces but trying to mend it with something like super glue will not work because it is so thin.  I like the idea of finding a replacement but am doubtful unless someone has a source.
pony10usConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For some information:

I suggest calling local PC repair shops to see if they have any old broken laptops that you might be able to get the part from.
They should be located on the bottom. This plastic element is used to hold the ribbon in place. You can check this - even if you place it in the connector, the keyboard will work.
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, none of these suggestions have worked but wanted to thank all that responded.  We are likely going to send to a shop for replacement of the MOBO.
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