Very Basic XenApp 6.5 Questions

Hi all,

I've never installed XenApp before, so these are totally noobie questions, and I'm asking them before attempting the installation:

1. I'm installing 3 servers into a farm, which URL will the users use to get to the published apps? Is it any of the server names in the farm or something else?

2. We're using an SSL VPN to provide user access to the apps and citrix desktop, once the user has used their AD credentials to connect to the SSLVPN, how do we make sure that users don't need to enter their credentials again to open the app or desktop?

3. Where do I install the management tools? On any of the farm servers? On the DB or licencing servers, or on a workstation even?

Many thanks,
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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
1. In addition to the farm servers, you will have a web-interface to provide either a website or services site interface. So the address you will provide is the address of the web interface.

2. For this you will configure the web interface for passthrough and you will have to install the receiver enterprise with the sson feature on. This will pass you through the web interface. However, if any of the applications is not integrated with Active Directory and has its own credentials or database credentials then the users will have to enter them.

3. You will intall the management tool (App Center) on your server farms and access it either through the server or by publishing it. But, be careful to use the App Center from a session server, not a Data Collector as the latter tends to be loaded.
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
1.If you are providing access through a web browser to published apps, you need to create a XenApp Web Site. This would be available on the Web Interface server.The following video should help you,

2.The authentication can be configured on the web interface itself so that folks don't need to re-authenticate again to access published apps.

3.I believe you are using XenApp 6.5. AppCenter is installed by default when you perform the installation of XenApp in a server.
cakelayersAuthor Commented:
Thanks, so it's not possible to install the web interface server on one of the other servers (such as the licencing / database server, or one of the farm servers)?
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
No, not at all. It is possible to install on the licensing or farm server or even database. But I would not recommend to install it on either the farm server and definitely not on the database server.

The license server is light weight and you can combine the web interface with it.
cakelayersAuthor Commented:
Thanks, one final question:

"For this you will configure the web interface for passthrough and you will have to install the receiver enterprise with the sson feature on"

do you know if this feature is available with the Advanced license?
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
I believe so as this is not a Platinum or Enterprise specific feature and should be available to you in Advanced edition as well.
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