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Posted on 2013-06-26
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I am trying to use Javascript object model in SharePoint 2010 and here is my scenario. I have two lists with parent child relationship. Authors and books.

Now I want to retrive all the books that are published by a particular author. so assume we are in the context of the parent list Item (i,e a list Item in Authors) when writing the script to get all the books authored by a particular author.

So here is what I want to get the statistics using Javascript Client Object model:

-1) Count of All the books authored by a particular author

-2) Count of  All the books authored by a particular author but have a status = Not Started.

-3) 2 divided by 1  store in a variable so I can use this fraction for some display

-4)Count of  All the books authored by a particular author but have a status = In Progress.

-5) 4 divided by 1  store in a variable so I can use this fraction for some display

-6)Count of  All the books authored by a particular author but have a status = Complete.

-7) 6 divided by 1 and store in a variable so I can use this fraction for some display

Can anyone please help with the script please? I am new to Javascript and Javascript client object model in Sharepoint

Thanks in Advance,
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a good starting point is:

Even if he does not post all his used scripts, the main idea beyond ECMAScript is understandable (please follow also part 4 of this series).

Here is some sample code I built on my dev environment where the books list is named "EEBooks" and has a lookup field in it named "Author". As the components used by ECMAScript needs the internal field names, the internal name of the Author field is "Author0" (thats a ZERO) as the SharePoint built-in field "Created by" has the internal name "Author".

<!-- HTML area for author search input box, action button and result output -->
<tr><td>Author Name:</td><td><input type="text" name="authname" id="authname" /></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan="2"><input type="button" text="Search..." onclick="javascript:GetBooksByAuthor();" value="Search ..." /></td></tr>
<div id="results"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//ibms.gbi.msg.de/test/SiteAssets/jquery-1.9.1.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
<!-- Get book counts by author --> 
var bookItems;
var booksCount;
var booksCountNotStarted;
var booksCountInProgress;
var booksCountComplete;
var booksCountOther;
var booksPercentageComplete;
var booksPercentageNotStarted;
var booksPercentageInProgress;

// This is the main function.
function GetBooksByAuthor() 

  // Get the author from input box
  var selectedAuthor = jQuery("#authname").val();
  if (selectedAuthor == "") 
	// Do nothing if nothing entered
	alert('Please enter a value');

  // Create query string using CAML syntax 
  var myQueryString = '<View><Query><Where><Eq>' +
                  '<FieldRef Name=\'Author0\' />' +
                  '<Value Type=\'Lookup\'>'+ selectedAuthor +'</Value></Eq></Where>' +
  // Create client context 
  var myContext = new SP.ClientContext.get_current(); 
  // Get current web (comparable to SPWeb) 
  var myWeb = myContext.get_web(); 
  // Get list by title (comparable to SPList) 
  var myList = myWeb.get_lists().getByTitle('EEBooks'); 
  // Create (empty) query (comparable to SPQuery) 
  var myQuery = new SP.CamlQuery(); 
  // Attach query string to query 
  // Get items from list using query 
  bookItems = myList.getItems(myQuery); 

  // Declare what to load (bookItems with the fields ID, Title, Status
  // Now execute the query. 
                                this, GetBooksByAuthorSuccess),
                                this, GetBooksByAuthorFail)); 
  jQuery("#results").html("Query is executed asynch ...");

// This function will be called if the
// "executeQueryAsync" failed
// (e.g. list not available, query string wrong or anything else) 
function GetBooksByAuthorFail(sender, args) 
  // Show error message
  alert('GetBooksByAuthor() failed:' + args.get_message()); 

// This function will be called if the "executeQueryAsync"
// succeeded 
function GetBooksByAuthorSuccess(sender, args) 
  // Initialize counters
  booksCountNotStarted = 0;
  booksCountInProgress = 0;
  booksCountComplete = 0;
  booksCountOther = 0;
  booksPercentageComplete = 0;
  booksPercentageNotStarted = 0;
  booksPercentageInProgress = 0;
  // Now we can use the data retrieved from SharePoint! 
  // Get number of items 
  var booksCount = bookItems.get_count(); 

  // Get the enumerator to be able to loop through the items
  var booksEnumerator = bookItems.getEnumerator(); 
  // Declare temporary variable for output 
  var outputDetails = '';

  // Loop through all items 
  while (booksEnumerator.moveNext()) 
    // Get current item 
    var currentBook = booksEnumerator.get_current(); 
    // Update Counter based on status 
    switch (currentBook.get_item("Status")) {
      case "Complete":
        booksCountComplete += 1;
      case "In progress":
        booksCountInProgress += 1;
      case "Not started":
        booksCountNotStarted += 1;
        booksCountOther += 1;

  // Build percentages and update result div
  if ( booksCount > 0 )
    booksPercentageComplete = booksCountComplete / booksCount;
    booksPercentageNotStarted = booksCountNotStarted / booksCount;
    booksPercentageInProgress = booksCountInProgress / booksCount;    
  outputDetails = 'Results:<br/><br/>Total books: ' + booksCount + '<br/>' 
                + 'Books not started:' + booksCountNotStarted +' / Percentage ' + booksPercentageNotStarted +'<br/>'
                + 'Books in progress:' + booksCountInProgress +' / Percentage ' + booksPercentageInProgress +'<br/>'
                + 'Books completed:' + booksCountComplete +' / Percentage ' + booksPercentageComplete +'<br/>';  

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Some comments from my experience:
ECMAScript is sometimes really complex compared to e.g. using the SPServices library (available on Codeplex). Also debugging is really hard ...
An additional tip would be to create a dynamic drop-down list (SELECT element in HTML) to choose an author from and add the options also via COM (Client Object Model) with one additional (first) entry: "Please select an author ...".

Instead of editing the SharePoint page in SharePoint designer, I normally use one text file containing all the HTML and script stuff, upload this to a document library and use then a Content Editor Web Part to link to this file. Then changes can simply be done by uploading a new version of this text file.


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