Unable to Relay

We have two sharepoint servers in DMZ zone, intermittitny we are having issue with SMTP.
Mails submitted via web form are not getting.

We are are getting Unable to relay.

I check all setting from exchange side but all others are working fine.

Please help
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Gaurav SinghConsultantAsked:
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zackmccrackenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's just like the others said, create a new connector (if the other/old one is not needed anymore, remove it) sometimes/somehow (what ive experienced myself) the receive connector has lost its way.
is exchange configured to accept mails / connections coming from those ip's / servers on the receive connector?
Gaurav SinghConsultantAuthor Commented:
Yes its configured
Mohammed TahirMicrosoft Exchange and O365 AdministratorCommented:
Create new dedicated receive connector for relay and add the IP address of  sharepoint  server under network Tab.
Sanjay SantokiCommented:

You simply need to create a new connector and need to give permission to anonymous user. Then just add only Sharepoint servers IP address to that connector on the network tab.

Get-ReceiveConnector <RelayName> | Add-ADPermission –User “NT Authority\Anonymous Logon” –ExtendedRights ms-Exch-SMTP- Accept-Any-Recipient,ms-exch-bypass-anti-spam

It will take some time to replicate depend upon active directory topology.

Sanjay Santoki
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