Exchange 2010 SP3: Prepare Active Directory and Domains

It's been a while for me.  Anyone have the steps to prepare AD and the domains for Exchange 2010 SP3?  Thanks.
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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
Follow this:

1) Upgrade the schema for Exchange 2010 SP3. If you have Enterprise and Schema Admin rights, setup will do it automatically, however if not, then AD team is required to perform this task.

Purpose of this Schema Update:

In Order to have the Exchange 2010 SP3 deployed across the environment, it is a prerequisite to have the Active Directory Schema to be extended for supporting Exchange 2010 SP3. During this upgrade, the Active Directory Schema will be extended to support Exchange 2010 SP3.

Steps to be performed for this upgrade:

Reference Article –

Prerequisites: AD account need to be member of following groups
Member of: Domain Admin, Enterprise Admin, Schema Admin

Install Active Directory Management Tools (Run this Command, if Required)
ServerManagerCmd -i RSAT-ADDS

Software Location Exchange 2010 SP3

Download it and extracting it run below command for preparing the schema.

 setup /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions
 Check C:\ExchangeSetupLogs\ExchangeSetup.log for successful completion
 Setup /PrepareSchema
 Check C:\ExchangeSetupLogs\ExchangeSetup.log for successful completion
 Setup /PrepareAD /OrganizationName:"Your Org Name"
 Check C:\ExchangeSetupLogs\ExchangeSetup.log for successful completion

How to verify schema version?
bsohn417Author Commented:
Sorry, should have mentioned the environment is currently Exchange 2003 SP2.
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
If this is a single domain in the forest then I rarely prep the domain seperately. I just let the setup.exe installer do it for me.

bsohn417Author Commented:
We're unfortunately required to prepare AD and the domain separately from running Setup.  Which media do I need to use?  I see an Exchange 2010 SP1 ISO in MSDN, but want to prep it to SP3.  Thanks.
AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
You need to use SP3 media only. Step I already posted. Extract SP3 Media file on to a DC and then run the AD Prepare setup.
bsohn417Author Commented:
Thanks.  What about setup /PrepareDomain or setup /PrepareAllDomains?  Doesnt that need to be run as well?
AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
If you have single domain run setup /PrepareDomain

If you have multiple domain setup /PrepareAllDomains
I have two HUBCAS servers and three mailbox servers of which one is a test mailbox server. The DAG is questionable as to whether its really operational (that's another issue for a later discussion). We're on Exchange 2010 SP1 sitting on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and have the latest Windows updates.  We want to upgrade to Exchange 2010 SP3. Is it possible or best practice to upgrade the HUBCAS and the one test mailnox to SP3 while leaving the remainder mailboxes on SP1?  We have good backups of all servers in the event something goes haywire.  Is it true that SP3 does not have a rollback?  I have confirmed that upgrading to SP3 is supported for our GOOD environment and as for BES the verdict is still out, but Blackberry doesn't forsee any issues.  I've read many post involving the upgrade and they've been very helpful but I'm a little concerned because we don't have a test environment in which I can test the outcome and prepare for the worse.  And there's no time to build a test environment as this is suppose to happen by weeks end.  Any thoughts?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Would you mind posting a new question, i will answer it there.
We are currently on Exchange 2010 SP2.  We have a single domain.  Our Exchange Server is not a DC.
Do I need to run the      setup.exe /PrepareAD  on our DC, or do I just run the setup of SP3 on our Exchange Server?
Thank you
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