Replicate PF data to new PF on new server

How do I replicate the public folders data to the new server? Both are Exchange 2007. I can see both servers in the server configuration mailbox in the exchange management console on the new installed server. I just cannot see were I would select an option that would replicate the public folders to the new public folders database on the new server. I was expecting to see an option that would say replicate to new server/database/exchange or something like that. I had heard that replicating the public folders was the easy thing to do. What am I missing? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
Open PF Console on old server. Then goto public folder, replication tab and add the new server.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You need to add the replica on each folder. You can do it via GUI and PS. PS would be easy and fast. Follow this


AD_TechAuthor Commented:
From what system should this be done on? The old system or the new one? When I go to the public folder management console and select public folders on the new system, I see the folders, but when I select one and do properties, I go to the replication tab and there is a line already added. What I do not get is why it says Replicate content to these public folders and the line that was already added references' the old server. I need the old server public folders to copy the data to the new server public folders and it does not sound like that is what it will do. Seems to be a bit confusing.
AD_TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks amitkulshrestha, I did one folder and it worked fine. I will do the others one at a time. thanks again for your help.
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