Migration from Hosted Exchange to exchange Server 2010 or 2013

We have rackspace hosted exchange Server now we are planing for the migration from hosted to On-Premises. What will be the best practice for this migration ? We are planing for exchange 2010 or 2013. Which will be preferable ?

We need step by step guide.

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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

Since 2013 is rather new and not all child sicknesses have been found/soluted i would definatelly go for exchange 2010 while this is the proven release.
Same goes for outlook2013, i have read to many "unpleasant" items on this forum to even think about migrating.

Step by step: configure your mail server on premises and make sure all users from AD have their emailadresses and aliases in place.
Next adjust the MX records to direct mail to your on-premises-ip-address. Adjust your modem/router to send all traffic on ports you support to your mail server.
Once you see mail coming in your hosted enviroment doesnt recieve any new. Now you need to export all mailboxes and import them (probably per user)
James HodgeManaging DirectorCommented:

I would say go with 2013 now.

rigelnetAuthor Commented:
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