e-mail messages are in exchange mailbox but some of them don't show in owa

we are on exchange 2003 on sbs 2003 with owa on IIS all up to date.  i have one user complaining of not receiving all messages sent to him.  tracked one message that was missing in his inbox in owa and exchange showed it delivered so i check in his box using an outlook client and the message is there but if i look at his inbox from owa the message is not there (tried refresh but no change)

strange thing is that owa shows all messages that have been replied to him (RE: in subject) but no other messages show even though they are in his mailbox (when checking with outlook client instead of owa).

seems as though there is a mismatch between what owa shows and what is actually in his box (see attached picture)

i haven't dug into this too deep yet but thought i'd put it out here to see if anyone has run into this anomally before.

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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
In this case, i will try below option

1) Move mailbox to another DB or server, however not possible in your case due to SBS limitation
2) Restart the server and check again
3) Recreate the user again.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
OST corruption main reason for this mismatch. You can try follow option. First move user mailbox to another DB, then recreate the user profile again. make sure to move or remove old OST and let create new OST.

Else to check immediately, disable cache mode, you will see the message.
scrabyAuthor Commented:
where does owa get the messages from?  the reason i ask is that outlook client inbox shows correctly but owa does not.  i know outlook client uses ost in cache mode so that ost is fine but i don't know where owa gets messages from.

can you clarify please

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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
I understood your question reversely. So, you are saying OWA you are not seeing it. however Outlook it is fine. Strange. As OWA access directly from server. What browser you are using for OWA?
scrabyAuthor Commented:
internally accessing the owa server using IE7 and IE8 with the same results.  i don't think it's browser related
scrabyAuthor Commented:
This has magically fixed itself without me doing anything.  I'll just have to monitor the user mailbox and see if it happens again.

thanks for the help.
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