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cost of electronics in israel compared to england

hi, it seems like the price of an electronic equipment in israel - is 5 times the cost as what was got in england.

is that expected? what might cause the price to shoot up like that in the middle east?

7 Solutions
25112Author Commented:
the electronic device i am referring here is a portable A/C.. what was got there was around 120 pounds.. and here 650 pounds...
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25112Author Commented:

the model is INF28W Inverter Air conditioner
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloperCommented:
Are you sure you are figuring the currency exchange rates?  Because based on what you show and what I found, it seems right.
25112Author Commented:
>> Because based on what you show and what I found, it seems right.
which price were you able to confirm the lower or the higher one?

the watts is 2783 watts cooling capacity.. the price does not go by watts, does it? of course, this is apart from aburr's list to consider..
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloperCommented:
>120 pounds.. and here 650 pounds...

The exchange rate puts 120 pounds at about 660 shekels.  Please see my previous post.
25112Author Commented:
no padas.. i am talking both in pounds..

i wish i had the exact specs what was in UK.. i dont have access to this, now..

i sense the same coolness between what was in uk and here, for the same size of room... at this point, i am thinking if i can confirm if the price is almost similar in uk, i will will happy that i was not ripped off..

the exact specs on this are: (before i just read from a label they had given.. now from the box)
refrigerant R410A /420g
suction / discharge  1.2 /4.2 Mpa
climate type T1
power consumption - 787w /3.63 A
model no fce-12e
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloperCommented:
Being from the U.S. I did not know you can pay for items in Israel with British Pounds.  The price difference seems exactly like the exchange rate.

Looking on ebay the average price of a portable air conditioner is $200 to $400 U.S. Dollars as you can see by this link.  

The UK ebay portable air conditioners seem to go for £50 to £150 as seen by this link.

Your air conditioner on two different sites here and here sells for 2450.  I assume that is shekels?  and that converts to 440 British Pounds using google's conversion table here.

This ad shows a little higher price of 2760 shekels which gets you closer to 500 pounds.

Wikipedia shows 18% VAT.  That starts to put the 500 pounds towards 600.
It's partly related to the value of the dollar for example.
My dollars used to be worth alot when I travelled to Asia.
Now, with the value of the dollar down, my dollars have less buying buyer in the same country.

If the pound is low compared to the historic average then it won't buy as much in Isreal and you'll need more pounds to buy the same items you may have gotten for less pounds, maybe 2 year before, as an example.

Today one pound is 5.53 Israeli New Sheqel.
Look at the time chart. A pound was 7 Sheqel in 2009, dipped as low as around 5.5 and back up well over 6.0 and now back down.

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