PPTP and VPN not working for remote offices

We are trying to route voice traffic, which we have setup as option 150 from remote offices to a centralized public IP that hosts the UC and all other remote office traffic besides WWW traffic (which we just have it go to outside world) to a different public IP address that allows access to the corporate network.  The web and data traffic work fine, but the VOIP will not properly work.  I have enclosed the config is voice traffic is data traffic

Thank you

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Marius GunnerudSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
You said data works so nothing needs to be changed there as they addresses are on different subnets.

for VOIP the ACL would look something like this when configured at the remote office:
access-list 110 permit ip
Marius GunnerudSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
From the look of it you have the same IP subnet at the remote office and at the HQ office for VOIP. Is that so?  If yes, the problem is that the phones think they are directly connected to the UC gateway server so they do not send traffic to the default gateway so it never goes over the VPN.  You would need to set up the remote office VOIP on a different subnet.

Another possibility is you could use proxy arp but this complicates the configuration unnecessarily and also it can cause instability.
David_BlumbergAuthor Commented:
Would this work:

192.168.1.x for hq
192.168.x.y for remote offices (x different for each office)

172.20.10.x for hq
172.20.x.y for remote offices (x different for each office)

And if so what would the acl need to be changed to.  thank you
David_BlumbergAuthor Commented:
I will check this and get back to you.  Thanks
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