safe Youtube to MP3 convertion directly without intermediate video

youtube downloader 
seems to download youtube video to flv and another option to convert flv to mp3..

I think AVS also does the same.

Are there any good programs like the above that will allow to convert directly to MP3 without having to convert twice (youtube to video to mp3)

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
lol 25112,
one of your comments in your previous post was>that is the best we can do and recommended, would you say so? << so I replied it's up to you, but yes I feel it's the best and really simple for free who can complain.
You asked
Merete , you have paid version, right? yes I do,
 the only added advantage over the free is I can queue video files as many as I want.
I tested out the free version capabilities on the other computer here and it does most of the above.
the Pro version  adds a couple of advantages very fast and Download/convert videos in just 1 step

I also like to support the guys who have given us such a good tool , when there is an option to donate I am happy to do so it's my way of thanking them.
It was a once only paid for and have never been asked to repay  on a yearly basis and do get updates on occasions as well.
I notice it has gone up, I paid 19 dollars Australian but that was 4 years ago.
Compare YTD Versions
I have never used it within a browser, as I see it why would you need to?
Installing YTD I believe you get the choice to add it as a toolbar in the browser of internet explorer or the browser being used., but my personal opinion it's just another add on that can slow your browsing.
Youtube downloader toolbar
video here

Frequency asked questions Youtube downloader well worth a read as it may answer your questions that others have asked.

regards Merete
nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You Tube Downloader has an automatic converter. Have you seen that?
YTD works great with Firefox.
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aadihConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use on line converters: > >
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It doesn't convert twice in YTD
 it downloads the video first then extracts the audio then converts it, you select delete the video
delete originalBecause it is in the video format you wont really get any software that will automatically convert it to mp3 without downloading the video stream first to a temp,
 other wise you need to use what you hear in the speakers and even then you have to play it first.
The auto convert it to mp3 will do the same they have to download to a temp first then extract the audio.
becareful using online as they may track your ip address.
25112Author Commented:
thanks for the links.. yes, i prefer a software we can trust that we can install.. so we dont have to worry about malware concerns...

>>You Tube Downloader has an automatic converter. Have you seen that?
can you explain what you mean by automatic converter?

Merete, so you download the video into a temp folder.. then you convert it to a mp3.. so it becomes a 2 step process... that is the best we can do and recommended, would you say so? then, i will be content with the 2 step process.. i was just wondering if there was a safe solution to just get the job done in 1 step.. i am not interested in the video, only the audio.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Up to you :)
but yes I feel it's the best and really simple for free who can complain.
When I tick to delete the original as per my screen shot youtube will download to a temp and the convert to mp3 you wont see the video only in the progress bar
Set it to save to the desktop and you'll see a TMP in progress file
that disappears and is replaced by the mp3.
It automatically deletes the video.
There is also setting to adjust the volume
and conversion quality

Depending on your speed it only takes a minute or two to complete for the average youtube video unless they a couple of hours long.
If it helps here's the steps
drop the URL on
URL on and settingsdo the settings tick the boxes  click  download
downloading and converting in progressIt will create a TMP
TMPThen converts it
 Then finished and deletes the one on the desktop, press the red x to clear the ytd history or just close it.
See it says N/A on the video as it's gone
Finishednew mp3
new mp3cheers
nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:

>>You Tube Downloader has an automatic converter. Have you seen that?
can you explain what you mean by automatic converter?

Merete has explained YTD downloader very well as she has explained it to me in the past.
YTD is has a "icon" when using Firefox. Before posting here I got a video and it was very easy, using FF and YTD.

I've never used it with IE.
25112Author Commented:
thanks Merete & Nick...

BTW, what is "Up to you"? Is that a slang for something; from which country :) .. I have not heard it before.. sorry.

FF idea is great.
Merete , you have paid version, right?
Up to you means, the decision is yours.........USA.......
Up to you if you use the free version of YTD.

Would I like to give you the very best answer to your question?
Sure........but it is up to you. (ha ha)
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks for sharing viki2000 never heard of that one, will test it.
It's a trial  no free version forever / your allowed to use it for a reasonable time to determine if you like it.
EULAand also includes a toolbar untick not to install it during setup.
newsnet toolbar/untick that
newsnet toolbarIt's fast
dragging and dropping the URL is different.
Works fine but cant find out how much it costs so unless you want to use it till they decide the trial is over?
What I did find>
So why it is worth paying attention to it.

Well it seems the same as youtube downloader only you cant see the conversion
it downloads first then converts it
downloads firstShows complete when done
shows complete when doneSaves it to My Music  MediaHuman Downloads?
 saves to My Music  MediaHuman DownloadsSo the decision maker
What's it worth?
I'll stay with YTD pro.
For me worked fine and free during the last couple of years, without complaints.

Test another one free if you want:
25112 just sending you a ping please stay with your question.
Can we assist you further?
If we have helped please close and accept appropriate response/s.
nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, avoid those "offered and already check marked tool bars."
They can be nasty.
25112Author Commented:
thank you friends- helped me.
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