Experts, I have the switch statement below.  It doesnt seem to pick up on the bolded part "Offshore".  The [BusinessUnit] does say Offshore but the switch does not return
"OFF"...only a blank and not a "?".  The Switch does work correctly for all others though.  Offshore is the only issue.

Do you see something wrong with it?  notice the bold.  It is not a spelling mistake. I dont know if there is a limit the criteris switch can handle (I have 8).   thank you

=Switch([BusinessUnit]="Onshore Houston","OH",[BusinessUnit]="Onshore Clarement","OC",[BusinessUnit] Like "*PT*","TSW",[BusinessUnit] Like "*Mexico*","MX",[BusinessUnit] Like "*Genesis*","GEN",[BusinessUnit]="TOF","TOF",[BusinessUnit]="Subsea","SUB",[BusinessUnit]="Offshore","OFF",1=1,"?")
pdvsaProject financeAsked:
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Dale FyeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It works for me, as written.  Are you sure that you have a record which should match that criteria that doesn't also match one of the previous criteria?

What version of Access are you using?

Is this in a control source, or as a computed field in a query?
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
Hey fyed.... Yes j am sure there is a record.  Its a computed field in a query.  I am using 2007.  Let me get my computer out & make sure it is a computed field in query.
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
fyed:  it is actually in the control source.

I have attached the data returned from the query (on the left) and the report (the right).

Any idea why it returns blank in the report for only Offshore?  

thank you

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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:
1. I don't work with the switch function all that often, ...but what is that last expression doing: :
...If you remove it, does this all work?

2. Does it work for Offshore if you just create  a switch function just of Offshore:

3. I have seen some links that say that there is a 7 expression limit for the switch function... ...but fyed states it works ok for him...
...and just by looking at it, I see nothing wrong either...

4. Try swapping the first and last expressions and see what happens:

=Switch([BusinessUnit]="Offshore","OFF",[BusinessUnit]="Onshore Clarement","OC",[BusinessUnit] Like "*PT*","TSW",[BusinessUnit] Like "*Mexico*","MX",[BusinessUnit] Like "*Genesis*","GEN",[BusinessUnit]="TOF","TOF",[BusinessUnit]="Subsea","SUB",[BusinessUnit]="Onshore Houston","OH",1=1,"?")

5. Consider using a more normalized approach where the Switch function would not be needed.

6. Try going "old-School" and using an If/Then/Else, ...in a public function, in code.
Something roughly like this:

Public Function GetBizUnit(BizUnit as string) as string
If BizUnit="Onshore Houston"Then
ElseIf BizUnit="Onshore Clarement" Then
ElseIf BizUnit="Offshore" Then
End if

...Then call it like this: =GetBizUnit([BusinessUnit])

Hope some of this helps as well


pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
Jeff:  thanks for the response.  

1.  1=1,"?"
...If you remove it, does this all work?
answer===>I tried and it did not work still

2. Does it work for Offshore if you just create  a switch function just of Offshore:
===>It did not

3.  Try swapping it
===>that didnt work either

I made the Function hoping that would work but it didnt either :(.  It returned the same results as the switch inside the control source as I initially had it.  

here is my Function:
maybe I have something wrong with it.  If you could let me know would appreciate.  

Public Function GetBizUnit(BizUnit As String) As String

    If BizUnit = "Onshore Houston" Then
        GetBizUnit = "OH"
    ElseIf BizUnit = "Onshore Clarement" Then
        GetBizUnit = "OC"
    ElseIf BizUnit Like "*Process Tech*" Then
        GetBizUnit = "PT"
    ElseIf BizUnit = "Mexico*" Then
        GetBizUnit = "MX"
    ElseIf BizUnit Like "*Genesis*" Then
        GetBizUnit = "GEN"
    ElseIf BizUnit = "TOF" Then
        GetBizUnit = "TOF"
    ElseIf BizUnit = "Subsea" Then
        GetBizUnit = "SUB"
    ElseIf BizUnit = "Offshore and Subsea" Then
        GetBizUnit = "OH"
    ElseIf BizUnit = "Offshore" Then
        GetBizUnit = "OFF"
    End If

Open in new window

How could I modify the function to return a "?" if it is not in the list?  I had this in the switch statement.  Maybe if it returned a ? then might have some direction.  

thank you
Dale FyeCommented:

I generally put the last expression of the SWITCH as something that returns true (I actually use a -1 and "Other"), but 1=1 is true, so if none of the other criteria are met, the final expression should result in the SWITCH( ) function returning the "?"


Based on your responses to the other questions (mine and Jeff's), I would guess that field containing the word "Offshore" has a space in it somewhere.

To modify the function, insert an ELSE statement just before the end if

      GetBizUnit = "?"
End IF

If you call your function and pass it the "Offshore" value from the immediate window, what does it return?

pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:

I thought there was certainly a space too but I checked and there is not.  

I attached the table in excel format.  It is an export directly from the db.

Maybe either of you guys can see a mistake somewhere.  

It did return OFF in the immediate window.
here are the results:
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
I see that it does work when I remove the switch from the control source and put BU: GetBizUnit([tblBusinessUnit].[BusinessUnit])  in the query

pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
it is because the control source was a combo box with a row source query on it.  I changed it to a text box and it works.  

I shall split points on this one.  Any objects let me know.
Does the case and spelling of "Offshore" match the case and spelling in the [BusinessUnit] field?
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
aikimark:  yes.  Both are spelled "Offshore" with a capital "O" and there is not a space.  I think the issue was with the field as being a combo box and not a text box.
Dale FyeCommented:

"I think the issue was with the field as being a combo box and not a text box. "

Don't confuse "fields" with "controls".
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
oopps....I have to stop that.
Don't forget trailing blanks
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