SQL Reporting Services 2012 Report Menu Dont Display

I recently migrated SSRS 2005 to SSRS 2012.

But the option of reports, I could not get it display the report menu in the browser (Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Chrome)


This will need to configure the Subscription .

I installed a test environment migrating to SSRS 2008 and also had this problem, except that I could run Internet Explorer 8 as Administrator and if I could display the menu!


The other test that I made was to enter these options in SSRS 2008 and copy the link in the SSRS 2012 server. Performing this procedure could enter the Subscription option that both need.

From: (SSRS 2008)


To: (SSRS 2012)



Would greatly appreciate your help!

JnavarroMcIT ConsultantAsked:
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edtechdbaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It may be worth your time to check out this site, this appears to be the same issue that you are having, there are a few suggested solutions.

JnavarroMcIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
This is the resolution:


What about the other pages' menus?

Can you see the other menus, like image below?

If your answer is a NO, so, it might be occurred because of your IE version.

Did you upgrade your IE?

If so, it is a common problem with newer versions of IE for instance IE 10.

In this case you need to enable "Compatibility View" in IE.

To do so, in IE go to Tools menu and tick Compatibility View.


Really Thanks!
Great! Happy to help!
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