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Hello Experts,
I am not sure whether had asked this type of request. Well I have to find an answer. I beleive this is right place to get answered.

We are healthcare provider and we are using a Oracle based hospital information system. My question is not related with software development.
Lets continue, we are looking for a requirement that whenever an appointed patient enters through the main gate of the hospital, he would recieve an text message on his mobile ( whatever). Our HIS application is mainly communicating with patients using cell phone number so we have there telephone details.

How is that possible ?

Is there any way to achieve this ?

I would appreciate any help.

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You could use a proximity detection with an RF tag.  Similar to the EZPass on some toll road or the security tags on merchandise.

I don't believe you are going to get this going the cell phone route without having the patient run some type of software.  You would probably need the patients cell phone to detect location within the hospital and the cell phone would send the update to your system.  Anything else will get bad press and resistance as others have stated.

The trick with any type of RF tag is convincing your customer that they voluntarily want to use it.  You could tie it to a free parking pass.  You mail me an RFID tag that I hang on my car mirror that gives me free parking on the day of my appointment.   The tag opens the parking gate and notifies your system that the customer arrived.

You could also have a QR code that the customer scans with their cell phone when they arrive and the cell phone app would send notice to your HIS app.  You could "sell" this to the the customer by letting them know that they get preferential treatment or faster service by checking in.  If you could use the cell phone app to also show the customer if the doctor is running late and if it will be more than 10 minutes direct them to the lobby Starbucks for a free latte.

As a potential customer, I also have privacy concerns.  These things are a two way street so you need to give the customer something that they value more than the privacy and data they give up.
whenever an appointed patient enters through the main gate ...[send a]  text message [to appointed patient] mobile


you would need to be polling location data of all [appointed patient] mobiles
do you have any method for polling (receiving data) those mobiles - at all?

seems to be an invasion of privacy (knowing where a person is by polling their mobile)

I strongly doubt you have this privilege.

I would suggest sending a text message based on a period of time prior to the appointment.
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
We have the mobiles details in our database. We don't need to poll any location.
We just want when gets through the gate the automatic notification is send. I don't mind if its done by door sensors that can be integrated HIS system
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>>We just want when gets through the gate
and how is that event known, without knowing the location of the individuals concerned?

the event is "proximity to hospital gate"
proximity is a measure of distance
to measure distance you need 2 points
1 point is fixed (the gates)
the other point is (the mobile) :: how do you get to know this?

You would need the mobile to send you its current location unless I'm mistaken.
Or, you would have to poll the mobiles for location - which I don't think you can do.

I could be wrong, and anyone is able to know where I am at any time, without my knowledge or permission. If that's true I may re-consider my mobile phone carrier.
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
I am not concerned with the locations I am not looking for any location data.
Is there any sensors cables of GSM technology that can be fixed on doors that can sense the mobile of patient and sent automated message.
you can detect mobile phones, e.g.

I don't know if this also provides the device's phone number
(but maybe I'm just hoping they cannot)
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
This is a mobile phone detector where you dont want to allow mobiles
Others may have knowledge of the technology you are seeking - I don't.
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your inputs.
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the notes. I think we need to study more on this project. At this time I am closing this ticket by accepting your suggestive solution.

Thanks for the precious time.
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