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Hi Experts,

A.If workbook is password protected then is there is any way to crack it in Office 2010.

B.If workbook is password protected - if any one entered wrong password - then it delete all sheets (Except 1 which is predefine) - delete all module & VBA - change password to which one is entered.Before openning of workbook.

Naresh PatelFinancial AdviserAsked:
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A. Yes there are ways to do it, but you won't get any information here as how to.
B. You can code to delete all sheets and modules, but I don't think you can have the code triggered by the internal excel protection, you will have to setup a custom password prompt.
This should give you a push in the right direction. If you need specific information please rephrase your question.
Naresh PatelFinancial AdviserAuthor Commented:
A. Yes there are ways to do it, but you won't get any information here as how to.

why I won't get any information here?

B. I don't mind with custom password.

Events - if any one insert wrong password - things done before opening.
Delete all sheets except one - delete all module - Code - even that code which is performing this task.
Set entered password as new password.
so it self destruction VBA.

Rory ArchibaldCommented:
If the workbook is password protected for opening, then I wouldn't even attempt it without commercial software.

For B, that's a waste of time. The user could simply disable macros.
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Naresh PatelFinancial AdviserAuthor Commented:
For B but user don't have that kind of knowledge to disable macros.
Macros are automatically disabled on new files if security setting is set to high. To overcome that you have to manually add the new file (or it's location) to the list of trusted files (or locations). See my article http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Office_Productivity/Office_Suites/MS_Office/A_10805-Overcome-the-Trust-Center-Nuisance.html for several methods to accomplish that.

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Naresh PatelFinancial AdviserAuthor Commented:
thanks for your information.......
why I won't get any information here?
Because its against EE's regulations, we cannot assist in cracking, and that is in essence what you are asking.

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The easiest way to accomplish your objective is by following these steps:
1. Prompting user for password on opening of file
2. Save entered password to temp file
3. if password doesn't match:
     a. disable breaking of code
     b. export the wanted worksheet to a new file, naming it the name of the original file.
     c. export the module containing the code to the new file
     d. set the new password in the exported module
3. Delete the original file.
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