Connecting to shared drives when using VPN

My office is using a Cisco RV082 and I am trying to setup my employees to allow them to connect with the QuickVPN (QVPN).  We are running Small business Server 2011 and Windows 7 Pro.  I have tested it and got it to work from a remote location.  I have 2 questions though...

-When remote users connect with QVPN, there seems to be an issue with DNS, I can ping the server by IP address but not by name.  My work around was to add the server name to the HOST file but was wondering if there was a better way to correct this

-When remote users connect with QVPN and try to open up their mapped share folders on the server, (\\servername\share) it doesnt work.  I've been able to work around this by going to START, RUN, \\servername, putting in network credentials, than clicking on the shared there a way so that the user name and password typed in, when offline, are authenticated via VPN?

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Mike RoeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you have wins server add it to the computer connecting over the vpn connection

VPN usually doesn't transfer netbios names
fastteks0390Author Commented:
No we don't we are a small business with just the one server described above used for AD and F &P sharing
Mike RoeCommented:
can you add wins to the server
fastteks0390Author Commented:
I am sure I could....BUT not sure how I would lol any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Mike RoeCommented:
go to server management and look into features.  See if you have wins running.  If not add it to the features
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