Lexmark T644 PCL XL Errors

We have a Lexmark T644 printer that used to be connected to a JetDirect device and used a set of old HP drivers (this was required due to older software that was used to print to it).

We have now upgraded the software and thus removed the Lexmark from the JetDirect device and installed Lexmark's T644 drivers on the server. Shortly after doing this, one day overnight, the printer used up an entire tray of paper with alternating errors:

PCL XL error
Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: IllegalAttribute
Operator: SelfTest
Position: 9


PCL XL error
Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: UnsupportedBinding
Operator: 0x0
Position: 0

Since then, it'll do it once a week or so and only print out 5-8 sheets. With it stating PCL error, we decided to install the PostScript drivers to the printer instead and it continues doing this and we're not sure what is causing it.
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printnix63Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have the printer connected through the print server and with the Lexmark Network Card, we might try one thing to rule out "other drivers", especially as you said, this was happening, even when you had PS Drivers installed.

The network card has a setting "Restricted IP List", you can enter your printservers ip address(es) up to 10 each or a complete subnet, but I'd preferre for this test to just have the print servers added.
Once you do this, the printer will not communicate with anyone else except for those IP addresses and ping. So remember to check that you enter the ip addresses right and that you can administrate the printer only through one of those addresses afterwards.

If this happens still, then we know, it must be coming from the print servers, if not, which I might assume, then some other client is sending something what causes this.

This might not be working for you if you have various people needing to print directly to the printer.

As it is randomly it may be difficult to see from where it is coming or what causes this.
Mike RoeCommented:
Delete the printer from server and reinstall again with latest driver

could you eventually check for the Base Code Level of the device?
If it repeatedly happens with the same printjob, it may still be, that there
is a new firmware for the device that resolves this. I would have my doubt,
that if you are using Lexmark XL driver, that they are the main cause.

As the error is "Unsupported Binding" just one other question, does the printer have a duplex unit?
If not, make sure, that the driver is not showing the option for printing duplex, it may be, that for missing this unit and having a printjob trying to print duplex this causes the issue - still I'd check on a new firmware in parallel, just to be on the safe side.

If all else fails you can try to ask at the Lexmark Support side for a new firmware eventually.
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PCL6 is rather prone to produce PCL XL errors. Check to see if it is one particular document that generates them. In that case, recreate the document.

You can also install the PCL5 or PostScript drivers. Neither of them will cause these errors.
>> ... As the error is "Unsupported Binding" just one other question, does the printer have a duplex unit? ...

Just to clarify a point (it doesn't help with a solution):

Within a PCL XL print stream, the binding implied by this error message does not have anything to do with duplex binding modes (long-edge, short-edge).

It is referring to the format of the stream; the protocol allows for three possibilities:
This mode is not supported directly by any device; it is used in 'source' code presented to the JetASM (or equivalent) assembler, which translates it to one of the binary modes.
Binary low-byte first
This is the usual (only?) mode supported by most LaserJet devices.
Binary high-byte first
I don't think that this mode is supported by any current devices.

The binding mode is specified within the PCL XL Stream Header.
FIM2003Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay in posting. We had followed Fredbear891's suggestion and uninstalled the printer from the server and reinstalled it. I was giving it some time to see if the problem was resolved but the printer ended up printing out 12 sheets of errors again last night.

This PCL XL error doesn't occur when someone tries to print to it. It happens overnight and randomly once a week or so when no one is in the office and using it.
FIM2003Author Commented:
I added the server's IP to the "Restricted Server List" on Thursday. Immediately after, I was no longer able to access the web server page from my person computer. I assumed that this was due to adding the IP and that I would only be able to access the web server from the server.

A day later, a coworker attempted a print job to the printer and it would not work. I was out of the office so I had someone log onto the server to attempt to access the web server and remove the IP. They weren't able to access it.

When I came into the office today, I saw that there was a "900.00 Service RIP Software" error on the screen. I've gone through the troubleshooting steps found here found here but none of the recommendations have remedied the problem. Attempting to send any print jobs (e.g. Test Page) or attempting to telnet into the printer results in this error coming back up.
Hi, well, I have never experienced a RIP 900 due to the restricted server list.
There must be something really weird going on.
When you can not access the printer from anywhere, then go locally to the printer, print the network settings page.
When you cannot access the printer from the server ip you entered, there is most likely some type, so to check on this you can check on the settings page.

Then, While you are at the printer, you can reset the network card, so it will remove the settings as well as the restricted server list.
Your can select Reports, Network Setup Page,
then you can try to press both, the left and right arrow, check that the display changes to Network SE Menu
In there select Reinit NVRAM
which will completely rest the network card, you will have to reconfigure the network settings, passwords, hostname etc.
Select the "Key" to access the menu
Press the down Arrow until you see the Netowrk/Ports Menu and press the check button to select it.
Finally press the Left and Right Arrow Keys simultaneously. The SE Menu will appear.
You can search for the Reinit NVRAM and select this.
After that the network card should be "as freshly unpacked", hence you have to reconfigure it, but it should be accessible afterwards, even if you failed from any other ip to access it.
FIM2003Author Commented:
I was on the phone with Lexmark this morning and they tried to assist me. I ended up "Restoring STD Network" from the config menu and that allowed me back into the web interface. I readded the server IP to the restricted server list and it seems to be working now. So now to see if anymore PCL XL issues arise.
FIM2003Author Commented:
We have not had anymore of the PCL XL printout errors since adding the server to the restricted server list so I'm going to consider this solved. Thanks, printnix63.
Glad I could be of help.
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