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Hello EE,
We have long used Tape as our primary backup and are looking to go to disk based backup and I'd like to get your input on what you are using whether it be SAN, NAS or a backup appliance from Quantum, ExaGrid, etc?

The appliances boast their unique ability to outperform plain disk with throughput, I/O and offer deduplication and compression so that is the way to go.  I have not spoken in depth with anyone nor looked at cost, but wanted to see what others recommended first.

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Ron MalmsteadConnect With a Mentor Information Services ManagerCommented:
I've used dell storage vault before, not currently because I don't need that much storage.
It worked well, did the job.

There are various ways to connect these though, for maximum throughput I would use fiber channel, ..but that part is up to you.
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
I used usb external storage drives.

I have a couple different setups, but in one location..I have two external USB 3.0, 2TB drives.
Backup Exec , to backup to one of the drives. ( backing up 9 servers w/Exchange)
Then during the day, after the last backup finishes.. I  have a script which copies one drive to the other for a "backup backup".

These drives are cheap, and fast.. and you can run multiple backup jobs simultaneously.
The reason I keep a copy of the backup, is because these drives are known to fail sometimes, like with any harddrive, but the chances of them failing simultaneously is low.  If one fails ( once every 2 years usually ).. I just get a new one for 80 bucks.
bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
We have 6 TB of data and I need to keep for 30 days on disk then on tape for 7 years.  Right now we do everything to tape so I'm concerned with the reliability of USB for that size of data so was thinking more SAN v.s. NAS v.s. Appliance.
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
Well that's certainly a lot of data.

Would 20 TB be enough?

What is the Tape capacity currently?

You may need to employ a Full Backup then Incremental backup strategy unless you want a room full of 2-5 thousand dollar storage devices.  You could do a full backup 1st day of the month, then incremental until the last day.  On the last day you send your backup to disk files to tape, then send the tapes offsite storage for 7 years.  This could get very expensive..btw.  You'll need lots of tapes, and probably a courier/storage service to pick them up on schedule.

btw the other reason I like USB is that it doesn't double the network traffic like a network attached device.  The backup software in that case, would pull the data accross the network, then also send it accross the network to the device (which slows down concurrent backups), versus reading it over network and sending over USB.
bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
20TB would work.  So USB is a suggestion.  What are others using.

We have 6 offices with tape backup currently and not a tech at each site so ideally would like to put something in place per site to do local restores for 30 days then replicate to data center, which will hold all sites data for replication and process month end to tape for one tape backup and sent offsite.  Others in this scenario using USB over other disk options?
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
Are you using?  How do you like?

Any other suggestions?
bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
Excellent suggestions any other thoughts from what others are using?  Would like to get a few to look at.
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