Converting date/time to date format

I have a field which is set to date/time
I want to convert it to date only
what formulae do i use

Gordon HughesDirectorAsked:
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Gordon HughesConnect With a Mentor DirectorAuthor Commented:
Found it
vguzmanIT ManagerCommented:
right click on the field, choose 'date and time' field, then select a date format you like
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Gordon HughesDirectorAuthor Commented:
I know about the formating etc
I would like to create a formulae something like:


The current field {WO.REQUESTDATE} is set to date/time and I want it set to Date

vguzmanIT ManagerCommented:
if your datatime is a formula then use

ToText({MyDate}, "dd-MMM-yyyy") or something similar

if your datetime is a field I suggest you to use other format option
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
Do you intend to use your formula for display or in the record selection criteria?  If you use it in the record selection criteria then it won't be passed to the database server for processing.  How are you going to use the formula?
Gordon HughesDirectorAuthor Commented:
found the answer
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