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I created a VPN tunnel using ipsec between rras 2008 and a sonicwall.  tunnel comes up fine but i cant ping devices on either network.

i setup static routes as follows but it did not make a difference.


dest: remote network

sm: /24

gw: remote ip of vpn gw

I am not sure if this is relevant but when i enable nat the tunnel doesnt come up.  Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.  Thanks
Kylo RenSystem EngineerAsked:
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Try running a traceroute and see how far it gets.

Also, take a look at the following to insure you configuration is correct.
As a part of the setup you would normally have to define what networks are accessible via the tunnel, at each end. Did you do anything like that?
Kylo RenSystem EngineerAuthor Commented:
yea definetly.  Before i installed the static routes i created a ip sec policy similar to the example below.

Local GW: Public IP
Local Subnet:
Remote GW: Public IP
Remote Subnet:

Tunnel appears to be fine (ike phase 1&2 SA's are visible) but no matter i can't route any traffic through it.
If you have the option, I would change the subnet on one end from the 192.168.x.x to one of the other non routable ranges (10.0.x.x or 172.16.x.x.).
Kylo RenSystem EngineerAuthor Commented:
ok no furtunately i dont have that option so is there a work around? anything that i can test for to see where the issue lies?
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