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ssl certificate with sharepoint fondation 2010 server

Hi there,
I have sharepoint server.
I can connect me on www.mydomain.com that redirect to
Each time that I connect me, I have a warning message as I don’t have SSL certificate.
Is it possible to use a cheap sll certificate for a sharepoint server ? I saw cheap certificate at goddady (http://www.godaddy.com/compare/gdcompare3_ssl.aspx?gclid=CLvqzYbCkLgCFUfLtAodu2oAZw&isc=ssfl4eu06¤cytype=EUR&ef_id=Ubc5MwAABXqswW@3:20130702093958:s)
Is it a problem that my domain name do a redirection ?
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1 Solution
many web hosting company will redirect your request to your own web server farm. The certificate can be obtained from reputed Certificate authority, if you trust the Cheap SSL certificate company, then why not.
Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I think that you will have problems if you get the Certificate associated to your domain.

Your domain in being redirected to an IP address (and its the IP destination that is HTTPS, not the domain name)

I was under the impression that your certificate needs to be created for the host that is using HTTPS. in this case, it would be the IP address.
simlipAuthor Commented:
If understand, the best step by step will be ?
- Assign my domain www.mydomaine.com to my public adress instead of doing redirection
- configure as the IIS list domain and configure it for mydomaine.Com in order to display good page
- Create a certificate for www.mydomain.com
Is it ?
I believe that will do it, I would get a "* cert" for your domain if possible. This will allow you to use it on multiple hosts across the domain. Such as www.mydomain.com, or apps.mydomain.com.

Your cert should be for *.mydomain.com

Hope that makes sense.

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