How to collect email address and provide link to download free e-book

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I will be setting up a landing page for a campaign and will direct people to the landing page to collect their email address. This would be in exchange for a free e-book. I researched in Google and found that through I can set up a landing page and with Mail Chimp I can set up a signup form. Am I on the right track here or is there another way of doing this? Also, once they provide the email address how do I provide a link to download the book? I was not able to find information on this subject. I would like to mention that I have a website and blog, however, I am unclear whether I would I be able to create a signup form and a download link on a blog without the use of a landing page and in an easy way? Please advise. Thanks very much for your kind help.
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Imal UpalakshithaIT System Administrator

what i can say you for your one of method, go to google & have a search "Targethero" is completely free you can send much more email with it.


OK. Thanks. That is part of the solution but it is not the solution :-). I checked and they have very good prices. Thanks for mentioning it.
Marcellino SantosoIndependent all-in web developer
I honestly don't know any out of the box ready to use scripts, but this can be easily done using quick php and database:

-. visitor leaves his email address
-. form submitted, put email address in db
-. send email to address, ask to verify, also send the verification link in the email body
-. script generates a random hash to enable download, mark DB "ebook downloaded?" as false
-. visitor receive email
-. visitor clicks verification URL
-. URL trigger db update to mark email as valid,
-. has user ever downloaded ebook? No: script return another URL to force download the book, yes: disable download, let user know (to disable 'hot linking' from another visitors that has not left his email address)

Something like this :

You can go all nuts if you want: verify email, validation, a single .php file, encoded download, ... <insert nuttiness here>
I think this site will handle everything for you - I use them and find the whole delivery and optin collection seamless.


Thank you so much for your answers to my question. It is much appreciated and both are exactly what I was looking for.

I am sorry I took so long to respond as my mother passed away on August 27th. I am back now.

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