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Hello All!
We have a user that has had something happen to his mailbox, and the majority of his emails have been deleted, I'm not exactly sure how at this point, that is something that I will have to to figure out after I get them back.  I have been trying to restore them, and have run GWCheck etc. on the mailbox, and was able to recover some of the messages.  Unfortunately, the mailbox contained an extraordinary amount of messages, 60K+, however, they are necessary for the persons function, and this has not been easy!


Groupwise 8 Post Office Server:
Server: SLES 10 SP3
Novell OES 2 SP3

*Restore Area Management configured from Groupwise server using ConsoleOne 1.3.6h
UNC Path: /mnt/<restore server>/vol/gwrest/wpdomain/poa (when I configured this, the /mnt is automatically added)

Restore Server:
Novell OES 2 SP3

I have had to create the Restore Area Management on another SLES server, due to lack of space on my Groupwise server.  I get the following error on a Windows 7 workstation, using a Groupwise 8.2 client when trying to access the RAM path backup:

Groupwise Error [8219]
"Failed to connect to a remote network source."

I click OK, and it presents a dialog box that I can use to browse to the location and it will open the backup and I can see the "lost" emails, but when I try to restore them I receive this error:

Groupwise Error [d069]
"You have attempted to open an incompatible backup database.  You must either change connection modes or open a different backup database."

The 2 servers can ping each other by DNS name and by IP address.

The POA has rights in the RMA config and the directory on the other server where the restored files reside.
I have restored the entire Post Office to this directory including the offiles, ofuser, ofmsg, etc.
Made sure that no directory in the path has more than 8 characters.

I've found and read a lot of dead-end forum leads, including a TID about having to setup Samba shares, which I've been able to do on the RMA server, but not the Groupwise server.  I had an open ticket with Novell, however that was nothing but communication nightmare and no help at all (so much for $15K for support)!  Anyone have any words of wisdom?
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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
The first place I'd check would be the UNC and the Linux/Unix path to the restore area.  Disregard the /mnt port of the path *unless* it really is part of the path.  My guess is that it is not but was added there due to the Linux Path tab in the GroupWise System Operations | System Preferences.

Once you've checked and fixed the path, and confirmed that the entire post office has been restored (not just the message store directories which you correctly cited above) the above errors should go away and you should have access to all of the email that was in the user account.  I assume you added the user to the membership tab of restore area?

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sbainesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  I'm having an issue with the RAM paths.  I can get the UNC path set, but I think the POA is unable to get to the other SLES server that houses the restore area.  I've been trying to do an ncpmount, but haven't gotten the syntax correct.  

Also, to answer your queries... No, /mnt is not part of the path, it is part of the System Preference.  I confirmed that I have restored the entire Post Office.

My UNC Path is:

\\<restore server>\Vol\gwrest\wpdomain\poa\

My Linux Path is:

/<restore server>/media/nss/Vol/gwrest/wpdomain/poa/
sbainesAuthor Commented:
I've figured it out!  I am able to restore the files.  I did an ncpmount to the RAM server in the /mnt directory on the Groupwise server and made sure that the Linux path in the RAM config pointed to it and it worked like a charm!  The only issue I have now is that a whole block of emails are missing from both the "live" and "restore".  All emails from the year 2010 through 2012 are missing, anything prior to 2009, and and from this year, are there.  Now to figure that out!  Any ideas?
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