Cannot open mailbox with Outlook client, but OWA works

I had a user yesterday who could not open her mailbox with Outlook.  I checked the mailbox on a terminal server and had the same issue.  The strange thing is that I could access the mailbox via Outlook Web Access without any problem, and I also could open her inbox (File-->Open Other User's Folder) with a domain admin account in an Outlook client without issue.  I gave up diagnosing the issue and just deleted and recreated her mailbox and this resolved the problem.

Later in the afternoon, I had another report of the same issue with another user.  At this point I do not want to just delete and recreate his account, I want to resolve the issue.

I've tried rebooting Exchange.
I've tried disabling and then reconnecting his mailbox.
There aren't any events in the event viewer on Exchange.
I have over 100 other users who are not having any issues.

I'm lost at what to do next.
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Please refer to the below given Kb artical:

I hope this may help you.
There is a size limitation for Inbox, Outbox and the like. Whenever you delete an email (say a junk mail), Outlook will put a "flag" in the email message and make it disappear in the Inbox folder.

However, the deleted message is still there, occupying hard disk space and making the Inbox fatter. To physically remove the deleted message, you have to pack or compress the folder (Inbox/Outbox) in question. Inside Outlook, use the HELP function in Outlook to find out how to perform this action.

This also applies to Outlook Express. The size limit is 2GB beyond that the folder will corrupt.
JosephGreenwaldAuthor Commented:
pradsmk--Thanks, but that article is referring to migrating mailboxes.  This mailbox was not migrated and was created on Exchange 2007, where it still resides.

Jimmy_Ho--That's really not relevant to my issue at all.  This is an Exchange mailbox that does not have a limit.  Further, it's only 84MB anyway.
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Dinesh SinghArchitectCommented:
Try to re-configure one user outlook profile, if it is not working check the Auto discover setting.
JosephGreenwaldAuthor Commented:
Auto discover is working fine as we do not have any issues with other users.  In addition, autodiscover works fine on new PC setup for everyone else.  It is only this one user account in question now that I have recreated the first one.

Please restart the information store service and RPC Client Access service, and then restart the Outlook and see it.
JosephGreenwaldAuthor Commented:
As I said above, I already restarted the entire server.  This did not resolve the issue.
Please try the below given steps :

It seems the problem is in the Legecy DN,  

Legecy dn = /o=ORG/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/CN=part1lastname\-part2lastname, firstname mi

The \ after cn= maybe causing the problem.  Once you remove the / so that the name read "CN=part1lastname-part2lastname, firstname mi" account could be opened using Outlook.

Please let me know if this solution works for you.
JosephGreenwaldAuthor Commented:
I have found the solution to my issue; MAPI in Mailbox Features was set to disabled.  As soon as I enabled it, it was accessible with Outlook.

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Glad to hear that, Thanks for sharing the solution.
JosephGreenwaldAuthor Commented:
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