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Cannot open mailbox with Outlook client, but OWA works

I had a user yesterday who could not open her mailbox with Outlook.  I checked the mailbox on a terminal server and had the same issue.  The strange thing is that I could access the mailbox via Outlook Web Access without any problem, and I also could open her inbox (File-->Open Other User's Folder) with a domain admin account in an Outlook client without issue.  I gave up diagnosing the issue and just deleted and recreated her mailbox and this resolved the problem.

Later in the afternoon, I had another report of the same issue with another user.  At this point I do not want to just delete and recreate his account, I want to resolve the issue.

I've tried rebooting Exchange.
I've tried disabling and then reconnecting his mailbox.
There aren't any events in the event viewer on Exchange.
I have over 100 other users who are not having any issues.

I'm lost at what to do next.

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