SEO, How long should it take somone to write an excellent meta description?

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For someone who already understands SEO, the significance of meta descriptions and the uniqueness of each description, using relevant keywords of course and keeping within the rules - 156 characters, no repeating keywords if not necessary, early and often, etc.

Please advise on how long you think would be a fair estimate to write 706 meta descriptions for 20 unique websites? The 706 figure is for a total of all 20 unique websites and not per site. Would it be like 100 meta descripts in an 8 hour period, 300? I just need a general type of time frame so I can let a company know. 2 weeks? 2 days? I've done it but have not had to estimate this way. Usually people ask me for keyword research, not to just churn out meta descripts. Any advice, guesses, etc. would be welcome. An actual reference would be greatly welcomed!
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2 - 4 days seems right

It depend what type how many pages per site, if site was html or cms based
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I would take into consideration for each meta description you need to scan the site with your eyeballs, sit and stare at the screen for a few seconds to think about what you are going to write, maybe a quick google search to see what some other description, are for something similar,  write your sentence, paste it to excel so you can see all of them together later.

Let's also figure in that at some point you are going to slow down, need to take a break. You will also want to take one last look at the excel sheet to see how it all looks together.

I would say super extremely fast would be one per minute each.  I would figure in at least 2 minutes each and then put some more fudge factor in.

If you could maintain a 1 minute average, that would be 11 hrs plus an hour for fudge.  But it could easily be 2 or 3 minute average or longer.  

I would allow a week.  Then add more if part of the plan is getting them the list to read over and make updates.


Thanks Sinocomar for the minute idea!

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