Install iTunes using SCCM 2012

I am wanting to install iTunes to hundreds of computers using SCCM 2012. I know I can extract the multiple MSI files that come with iTunes, but I'm not sure which ones I really need and which method is the easiest. I've seen numerous articles on the web that use scripts with SCCM to install. However I do not know where to place these scripts. I've been told that it can be installed using without scripts using dependencies. I am pretty new to SCCM and really would like some help in completing this task.

I am using SCCM 2012. My target machines are windows xp and windows 7 machines. I am working with iTunes I am hoping there is a non scripted way of doing this in SCCM 2012. Please help.
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SCCMCanuckOwnerCommented: retain functionality and have an error free installation, you will have to extract the MSI's, the only optional MSI is QuickTime, but if you have chosen to install iTunes then QuickTime should go with it

In terms of where you place things...use the below as reference:

The following assumes you have a source folder configured.
ie. "\\sccm-server\source\software"

Configuration of Package / Application, depending on what you use:

Source Path: \\sccm-server\source\software\itunes\

1. Copy the uninstall script referenced at the bottom of this post into the package source referenced above:

Itunes Root
2. Create a subfolder for the version of iTunes you are installing,
ie. \\sccm-server\source\software\itunes\
Copy the following files into the directory you just created

Itunes Version SubFolder
3. Create a subfolder containing your quicktime preferences, these preferences can be found in the destination path of the xcopy commands contained in the referenced install script at the bottom of this post:
ie. \\sccm-server\source\software\itunes\\quicktime_pref

Quicktime Preferences SubFolder
4. For the Package you created, create an install "program" referencing the following command:

cmd /c "\itunes_install_silent.bat"

5. For the Package you created, create an install "program" referencing the following command:

cmd /c "uninstall_itunes.bat"

6. Deploy to a test collection and make sure it works correctly, ensure that it runs with administrative privilages


::Install Apple iTunes and QuickTime

PUSHD %~dp0

::Running universal installers

::Installing Apple Application Support...Please Standby

msiexec /i AppleApplicationSupport.msi /qn

::Installing Apple Quicktime...Please Standby

msiexec /i QuickTime.msi TRANSFORMS=Quicktime.mst /qn



::Installing Apple iTunes...Please Standby

msiexec /i iTunes64.msi TRANSFORMS=iTunes64.mst /qn

::Installing Apple Bonjour Services...Please Standby

msiexec /i Bonjour64.msi TRANSFORMS=Bonjour64.mst /qn

::Installing Apple Mobile Device Support...Please Standby

msiexec /i AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi TRANSFORMS=AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.mst /qn


::Installing Apple iTunes...Please Standby

msiexec /i iTunes.msi TRANSFORMS=iTunes.mst /qn

::Installing Apple Bonjour Services...Please Standby

msiexec /i Bonjour.msi TRANSFORMS=Bonjour.mst /qn

::Installing Apple Mobile Device Support...Please Standby

msiexec /i AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi TRANSFORMS=AppleMobileDeviceSupport.mst /qn


::Installation of Software Complete...

::Proceeding to application configuration...

::Copying Default Quicktime Preferences...Please Standby

xcopy "%~dp0quicktime_pref" "C:\Users\Default\AppData\LocalLow\Apple Computer\Quicktime" /E /C /Q /G /H /R /Y /I
xcopy "%~dp0quicktime_pref" "C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\Quicktime" /E /C /Q /G /H /R /Y /I

::Configuring itunes parental controls...Please Standby

regedit /s %~dp0itunes.reg

::Configuration Complete

Open in new window


@echo off
::Apple iTunes & QuickTime Removal

::Closing currently running Process...Please Standby

taskkill /F /IM AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM AppleMobileDeviceService.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM iPodService.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM iTunes.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM iTunesHelper /T
taskkill /F /IM QuickTimePlayer.exe /T

::Removing Apple Application Support...Please Standby

::Removing Version 2.3.3
msiexec /x {45C56AA7-ED1B-4800-A97F-EDDF3F3520B1} /qn
::Removing Version 2.3.2
msiexec /x {CCE825DB-347A-4004-A186-5F4A6FDD8547} /qn
::Removing Version 2.2.2
msiexec /x {63EC2120-1742-4625-AA47-C6A8AEC9C64C} /qn
::Removing Version 2.16
msiexec /x {343666E2-A059-48AC-AD67-230BF74E2DB2} /qn

::Removing Apple Quicktime...Please Standby

::Removing Version
msiexec /x {AF0CE7C0-A3E4-4D73-988B-B29187EC6E9A} /qn
::Removing Version
msiexec /x {0E64B098-8018-4256-BA23-C316A43AD9B0} /qn
::Removing Version
msiexec /x {57752979-A1C9-4C02-856B-FBB27AC4E02C} /qn

::Removing Apple iTunes...Please Standby

::Removing Version
msiexec /x {268278CF-FB69-4D98-B70E-BFEC1CDCA225} /qn
msiexec /x {0225AD21-F3E2-4916-BFF3-65D3F9052582} /qn
::Removing Version
msiexec /x {B0261E53-B6F1-474A-864B-E7C3CBF468E0} /qn
::Removing Version
msiexec /x {0F6F6876-6334-4977-B5DD-CFC12E193420} /qn
::Removing Version
msiexec /x {F6D6B258-E3CA-4AAC-965A-68D3E3140A8C} /qn

::Removing Apple Bonjour Services...Please Standby

::Removing Version
msiexec /x {79155F2B-9895-49D7-8612-D92580E0DE5B} /qn
msiexec /x {6E3610B2-430D-4EB0-81E3-2B57E8B9DE8D} /qn

::Removing Apple Mobile Device Support...Please Standby

::Removing Version
msiexec /x {E14ADE0E-75F3-4A46-87E5-26692DD626EC} /qn
msiexec /x {2F72F540-1F60-4266-9506-952B21D6640D} /qn
::Removing Version
msiexec /x {459699C3-9430-4381-964B-4248D87B49F9} /qn
::Removing Version 6.0.059
msiexec /x {D4DDFAA1-EC37-4529-AD5B-A433ADE68662} /qn
::Removing Version
msiexec /x {8153ED9A-C94A-426E-9880-5E6775C08B62} /qn

::Removal Complete Complete

Open in new window

Reference the following document with regards to managing the parental controls with the iTunes.reg file:

You do not need to reference MST files, however I do and I disable autoupdate and other such annoying features, this is what the MST files are used for, I edit them using Orca.

If you have further questions please let me know

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bsdsysadminAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your response. I will give that a try today and let you know how it works out.
bsdsysadminAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your solution. I'm sorry for the long delay in responding.
Any updates to this? Quicktime is no longer part of the iTunes package
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