Problem with custom UI editor


I am trying to add a number of icons to my custom QAT and/or ribbon for an MS Word template.  I created the following code in the Custom UI Editor:

05:22 PM

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<customUI xmlns="">
      <tab id="Wealth" visible="false">
        <group id="Learning" label="Learning Solutions">
          <button id="SCB" label="Select checkbox" />
          <button id="DCB" label="Deselect checkbox" />
          <button id="DropDown" label="Select from drop-down list" />
          <button id="SelectionBox" label="Select from selection box (LN)" />
          <button id="Option" label="Select option button" />
          <button id="Click" label="Click button" />
          <button id="DoubleClick" label="Double-click button" />
          <button id="Key" label="Press key" />
          <button id="Tab" label="Select tab" />
          <button id="DialogBox" label="Dialog box displayed" />
          <button id="Screen" label="Screen displayed" />

According to the UI editor, the code is fine, but when I open the template, I receive the error message shown the attachment.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks much!
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PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
That error does not seem to relate to that XML.

Line: 1 Column: 2715

at a total length of 997 characters in that XML, I can't see how it reaches column 2715 at all.

There must be more XML being evaluated (possibly multiple files?) and in amongst all that XML it ends-up with a duplicate ID.

If you changed those button ID's with a prefix of "zz1" or similar maybe it will get past that error (and then you have narrowed down the issue).

that's all I can think of.

btw: I cannot be certain this suggestion will help at all I'm afraid
msblaneAuthor Commented:
I'll try that, thanks
The UI Editor shows multiple tabs for different versions of Word - perhaps the error is in code on a different tab.

As a sanity check delete the code from the UI Editor and see if you still get an error -I usually just save it in a txt file when I do a check like that.
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msblaneAuthor Commented:
Thanks DrTribos - I don't have multiple tabs in the custom UI Editor - could I be using the incorrect tool?
Hi the UI Editor has the title:

Custom UI Editor for Microsoft Office

There are 3 menu items:
File, Edit, Insert

And if you click on the Insert menu item you should have an option to add
Custom UI Part for Office 2007 / Office 2010.

The different XML versions appear on the left, select either CustomUI14 or CustomUI... (see attached)

Also you might want to look here for some tuition on Custom UI - Greg is good at this stuff.

And, if you do not have the tool I am referring to should be able to get it from here.
Gah, image failed to attach :-(

oh, and "tab" might have been the wrong word to use...
Oh, and beware... DO NOT open the document in the UI Editor while it is open in MS Word.
msblaneAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the advice!  I am using the same tool - I only have one "tab" - and sometimes it just disappears.  But I'll work on it.
Other things to try might be:

1. unload other templates - Alt + T + I should open templates and addins, and you can see what is open in the background and uncheck them before opening your template

2. test your template on a 2nd, clean, PC

3. start a clean template and use the UI editor to copy your XML to the new template (might be a corrupt file?)

I use notepad++ to keep a copy of my XML because every so often it just disappears completely :-/


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msblaneAuthor Commented:
And again, thanks so much!  I will definitely note the use of notepad!
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