Changed Folder redirection policy path but error event 502 still looking for old path

Server 2012 R2

I have a folder redirection group policy set so that when users log in to a citrix shared desktop their Documents, Pictures, etc. folders are redirected to a network share.  We put in a new SAN and changed the path in the folder redirection policy.  When a user logs in now there is an error event id 502, source: Microsoft-Windows-Folder Redirection.  The description reads:  Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Documents" to "\\NewServer\tsredirect\username\Documents".  It next lists Redirectio options=0x1001, then it reads The following error occurred: "Failed to build the list of regular subfolders under "\\OldServer\tsredirect\username\Documents".

It's failing to redirect to the new server location because for some reason it's looking to build the list of regular folders to the old location.  In the policy itself only the new location is listed as the path.  

I noticed on the settings tab of the Documents Folder redirection policy [In the GPMC: Policy>User Configuration>Policies>Window Settings>Folder Redirection>Documents ] there is a Policy Removal section configured for "Leave the folder in the new location when policy is removed", the other option is "Redirect the folder back to the local userprofile location when policy is removed" but I'm not sure if this applies since the policy was not removed, it was only modified.
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try setting the policy back to the old settings then disable the policy, force a gpupdate to all clients, then change the policy to the new location and re enable it, again force a gpupdate.
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
1. in group policy change the location (already done) using a NEW share
2. move the files to the new location keeping the root directory \\servername\sharename\user$\username\
3. wait for all users to get the gpupdate (1 month maybe more [company dependant])
4. remove the older share
HogRingAuthor Commented:
ve3ofa - All 4 steps have already been completed.  The files were moved to the new location over six months ago and the old share is long gone.  I just never noticed the problem until now while reviewing the logs.
HogRingAuthor Commented:
On the settings tab of the folder redirection policy there was a checkbox labeled "Move the contents of Documents to the new location", I removed the checkbox.  The next logon the folders were redirected to the new location and there were no more errors in the log.

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HogRingAuthor Commented:
Configuring the group policy in this way resolved the problem. I appreciate the effort the others took to comment, but none of their comments helped resolve the issue.
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