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for a newbie, is wordpress hard to learn? do you have to install something or just coding on web?

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i would say, if you have little bit it background then it's easy to learn. you can build a simple to professional website with help of different tools and websites. e.g. you can use flash banners, flash parts , themes, widgets as well, check out flashxml.net and there are so many free websites as well to help you. you dont need to install anything to use wordpress

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It depends what you are trying to do, you can host wordpress yourself or use wordpress.com. If you are going to get the out of the framework you are going to want to learn a certain level of web development but there are lots of guides out there which can get you started, not to mention the documentation on Wordpress.org


AJola, what do you mean by you dont have to install.. you need the basic install, right?

ScorchD, like in blogpost.com you do all the coding online, never download anything.. is wp like that?

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