bash Script

I have this practice script I am working on. (See attachment) call test

It does not see the option Y as the letter Y. (I know the option and the variable are the same just a coincidence.)

I use this commend line

sudo ./test -C public -H -Y Y

I want when the -Y option has a Y for the lastd variable to be 4.

I am a total beginner at bash scripting please be easy on me :-)
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On one quick look

Are you aware of this typo

 "Y") # Assign OID
                   if [ "$ODI" == "Y" ]; then

ODI instead of OID

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RickEpnetAuthor Commented:
Well that was an easy 500 Points. Thank you soooo much. Sometimes you just cannot see it.
Apart from the OID typo and a missing : on the options, the script was fine.

Here's the corrected script (with some basic error checking)


while getopts "C:H:Y:" OPTION
  case $OPTION in
  C)  COMMUNITY="$OPTARG" 	# Assign Community
  H)  HOST_NAME="$OPTARG"	# Assign hostname
  Y)  OID="$OPTARG"		# Assign OID
      if [ "$OID" == "Y" ]
  *)  echo "Usage: $0  -C <community> -H <host> -Y <OID>" >&2
      exit 1


function magenta {
   magenta=$(snmpwalk -v1 -Ovq -c $COMMUNITY $HOST_NAME .$lastd)


printf "$magenta\n"

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To further explain the role of the : in getopts, it means that the argument is mandatory.

In your original script, it would allow you to do:

script -Y

By specifying

getopts "C:H:Y:" OPTION

if you try that again, you'll get

./scriptname:  option requires an argument -- Y

BTW, best not to name your scripts 'test', as that clashes with the /usr/bin/test executable and can lead to confusion depending on how you invoke your script.
RickEpnetAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everything I will use it all.
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