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I'm researching Intrusion Detection Software for an SBS 2011 server.  Has anyone utilized a particular IDS for SBS 2011 for more than or close to a couple of years since SBS 2011's release successfully and if so, what brand and version?  Thanks.
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dipopoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try looking at SNORT. It is opensource and very good indeed, works with Windows and using WinPcap. Depending on your topology, you may need to create a SPAN port on your switch to aggregrate traffic onto a port and connect a NIC from your server to the port, WinPcap should put the NIC in promiscous mode voila you can now sniff everything and based on what you decide in your "Ruleset" generate alerts or actions.
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
TippingPoint (HP)
IBM ISS Proventia

They are all appliances, are expensive and you need to look at your requirements and features  that each one provides to ensure it meets your needs.
I am using IPS as opposed to IDS
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eitconsultingAuthor Commented:
@gheist    IPS and IDS are different and I am reconsidering using both.  However, IPS appears to be embracing more and more IDS functionality but just isn't there yet.  I'm currently looking at SO (Security Onion) as the IDS as well as a separate IPS.
Do you trust compromised IDS to D the I?
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