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Powershell, Split String

Code is close but no cigar.

Day and games data in the same column Day should be repeated for each game on that date.

$Week Variable is there a way to just grab data from node? I dont wan to use a replace in case that value changes.

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# HAP available at http://htmlagilitypack.codeplex.com/
# (originally http://www.nuget.org/packages/HtmlAgilityPack)
Add-Type -path C:\pstemp\HtmlAgilityPack\Net40\htmlagilitypack.dll
#Add-Type -path C:\pstemp\HtmlAgilityPack\Net20\htmlagilitypack.dll
$Website = 'http://espn.go.com/nfl/schedule/_/year/2012'
$wc  = New-Object System.Net.WebClient;
$doc = New-Object HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument
$games = @()
$Allgames = @()
foreach ($day in $doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes('//table["tablehead"]'))
  $rows = $day.SelectNodes('tr')
  $Week = $rows[0].InnerText -replace "back to top &#187;", ""<# [DateTime] #> 
  foreach ($row in $rows[2..$rows.Count])
    $col = $row.Element('td'); 
   $time  = $col.InnerText
  #  $col = $col.NextSibling; 
 	$teams = $col.InnerText[2] #| Select -ExpandProperty InnerText) #-join " at "
    $games += New-Object PsObject -Property @{Week = $Week; Day = $time; Teams = $teams}

$Allgames += $games

$Allgames | select Week,Day,@{Name='Games';Expression={[string]$_.Teams}} | Format-Table -AutoSize

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Your error is further up in the code
$Allgames += $games
$Allgames | select Week,Day | fl
gives the output of:
Week : Week 17
Day  : Denver 38, Kansas City 3
Week : Week 17
Day  : Washington 28, Dallas 18
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So what is your suggested change.
This line is at the bottom "$Allgames += $games"

The error has to be above this line? What are you suggesting
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Thank you this works I need some time to analyze and consume information. I know this one is a bit different but I tried to tackle it based on what I learned from you to see if I could apply new knowledge (I was unsuccessful that's why I put up the question). Some info back just not in the right columns.

Once I review I will open a new question with questions about code so can explain for credit.

Thanks again!
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