AMD RAIDXpert for Linux

Does anyone know if AMD RAIDxpert has an equivalent in the Linux OS

I am installing ESXi and want to be able to monitor in case of loss of disk etc...

I have tried searching the Internet but have not come across anything

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Are you seriously wanting to use such a "Fake-RAID" controller together with ESXi? NEVER EVER use the RAID functions of any fake RAID controller, but rather just run them in normal, non RAID mode, and then use your OS's built-in software RAID to get RAID functionality. That is far more reliable and also faster.Besides that, those controllers are very unlikely to be included in the ESXi HCL and so you probably won't be able to get ESXi to recognize any datastore running on such a controller anyway. For that you need a real hardware RAID controller.

Servers from Dell, HP etc, already include hardware RAID controllers, and you usually can download an ESXi version directly from Dell or HP that was built for that server, along with the managing agents included. Other server manufacturers will have the same options. So get a server that is included on the ESXi HCL and you'll be fine.
Robert_RayworthAuthor Commented:
Let me just clarify a few points This is a home lab environment the server is a HP Proliant Micro Server its more than capable of running ESXi I have several VM's running off it. Are you saying just to use the ESXi and create alerts there I will be installing vcentre but is ESXi able to know or detect a failed hard drive and alert on it. Currently the HP micro server has raid 1 within the bios setup so I have a mirrored pair for my c drive on Windows I want the same setup for ESX if a drive fails an email alert is required
If it is certified by HP for use with ESXi, you should be able to download the specialized HP version of ESXi directly from the HP site and install that. The HP version for your server includes the agents for your hardware, and you should then get the alerts via vCenter.

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