I developed a simple attendance software for a client using Digital Personna BioMetrics device and GrFinger Desktop Identity software . This software maintains a small database containing employee id and its biometric data. When an employee puts its finger on the device, it sends its employee id through the keyboard as if it was typed by the keyboard. My attendance keeps its cursor on employee id field and whenever some input from they keyboard comes, it records the attendance.

I used the trial version of GrFinger Desktop Identity software. At that time the software price was about $400. Now when the software is ready for production GrFinger Desktop Identity software price has gone to $10,000. They have increased the price by 25 times.

Obviously this has become a show stopper. Therefore I am searching for some alternative software which can do similar work. I don't want to develop something myself using some SDK etc.

I would appreciate if someone can suggest an alternative.
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btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
Not easily to find a good replacement for that.

Know that SDK is not ideal if needed to recode, but do see if the below of interest

Time-TRONIX TA software

Time Attendance And Access Control Device – eNBioAccess-T5

DigitalPersona Password Manager software

MEMS - enrollment and administration tool for MorphoAccess® access control and time & attendance terminals
Most of the potential solutions I find through Google, don't include pricing on the site but want you to contact them directly.

sysautomationAuthor Commented:
Not very useful. But choosing to close the question.
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