Query syntax

I have three tables which i have joined in as below.

This query returns many rows of data and is nearly what i want.

However how would i only get the rows where dbo.Documents.doc_id is at its maxium?

SELECT        dbo.Applications.app_id, dbo.Applications.app_XMSApplicationID, dbo.Applications.app_XMSApplicationName, dbo.Applications.app_Active, 
                     dbo.DocumentData.ddt_FieldName, dbo.DocumentData.ddt_FieldValue, dbo.Documents.doc_id
FROM          dbo.Applications
                     INNER JOIN dbo.Documents ON dbo.Applications.app_XMSApplicationID = dbo.Documents.doc_ApplicationID
                     INNER JOIN dbo.DocumentData ON dbo.Documents.doc_id = dbo.DocumentData.doc_id
					 where  dbo.Applications.app_XMSApplicationID = 62

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Kelvin SparksCommented:
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by where dbo.Documents.doc_id is at its maximum. Do you want the records only where the Doc_ID is the largest value - in other words only one doc_id?

Try this?
SELECT a.app_id
     , a.app_XMSApplicationID
     , a.app_XMSApplicationName
     , a.app_Active
     , dd.ddt_FieldName
     , dd.ddt_FieldValue
     , d.doc_id
  FROM dbo.Applications a
        INNER JOIN dbo.Documents d
    ON a.app_XMSApplicationID = d.doc_ApplicationID
        INNER JOIN dbo.DocumentData dd
    ON d.doc_id = dd.doc_id
   AND EXISTS (select d1.doc_ApplicationID, MAX(d1.doc_id) as max_doc_id
                 from dbo.Documents d1
                group by d1.doc_ApplicationID
                where d1.doc_ApplicationID = d.doc_ApplicationID
               having d.doc_id = MAX(d1.doc_id))
 WHERE a.app_XMSApplicationID = 62

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     , dbo.Applications.app_XMSApplicationID
     , dbo.Applications.app_XMSApplicationName
     , dbo.Applications.app_Active
     , dbo.DocumentData.ddt_FieldName
     , dbo.DocumentData.ddt_FieldValue
     , D.doc_id
FROM dbo.Applications
                  , max(doc_id) AS doc_id
             FROM dbo.Documents
             GROUP BY
             ) AS D ON dbo.Applications.app_XMSApplicationID = D.doc_ApplicationID
INNER JOIN dbo.DocumentData ON D.doc_id = dbo.DocumentData.doc_id
WHERE dbo.Applications.app_XMSApplicationID = 62

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nb: if there is a possibility that a document does not exist for any dbo.Applications.app_XMSApplicationID then the inner joins may have to be left joins.

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Query Syntax

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