Terminal Server users can't connect via ODBC

This is a follow-up to a question I asked a couple of weeks ago.  The situation has now got worse.

I have an Access 2010 application, with MySQL 5.5  back-end, running in a remote-desktop environment.  The server is driven by Windows Server 2008 R2.

The front-end started life as an MDB, and has been under development for the past 12 months.  Everything was working fine until a couple of weeks ago, but now, none of the users can connect to the back-end.  The just get 'ODBC connection failed'.

Obviously the question is, what have I changed?  Well, at about that time, I changed the front-end into an ACCDE, and then into an ACCDR (the original MDB had been converted to ACCDB some months ago).  My first thought was that I needed a 64-bit MySQL connector, which I duly downloaded, ran the exe file and tried to install via c:\windows\odbcad32.exe in admin mode.  Odbcad32 didn't list it in the available drivers so I could't create a new System DSN.

However, I found that, in the master front-end, I was able to delete and re-connect MySQL tables using the same driver I had been using for the past 12 months.  I then gave one of the users a copy of the ACCDB master front-end, logged in as him, tried to set up an ODBC link, and found that his version of Machine Data Source didn't have the driver I had used.  This is presumably why the users' links are failing.

So now it looks more like a permissions problem than a system architecture problem. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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I think thats a known bug with the 64bit connector:

- it installs fine (into syswow64)
- ODBC Administrator in Control Panel does not show driver - presumably because it is the 64bit ODBC Administrator and is only showing 64bit drivers
- 32bit ODBC Administrator (as found in syswow64) does show the driver



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I'd install both really just to be sure, both 64bit and 32bit.

BelloneAuthor Commented:
Looks like that was the problem.  It's going now.  Many thanks.
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