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I am looking to create a workflow that is automatically started when an email is received into a discussion board.
I want this workflow to copy the 'email' columns - such as Email Sender, Email subject, Body etc. and create a new item in a Custom List, and for the workflow to paste the 'email' columns from the discussion board into the relevant fields in the Custom List.

Hope this makes sense!
Thanks in advance
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skipper68Connect With a Mentor Application Development ManagerCommented:
I'm assuming you've already got the incoming email setup and you're wondering how to do the workflow piece.

1. You can set the workflow to start when a new item is created.
Workflow Start Options
2. If the lists are in the same site, you can use this handy set of "Useful Sharepoint Designer Custom Workflow Activities" to use the "Copy List Item" action.
Hi Idt_Tech,

(for SharePoint 2010)
You can use something know as 'Alerts' in Sharepoint 2010.
Have a look at the links below:
some idea about SharePoint 2010 discussion alerts:!910&cid=6f40fb61d28cf147&#!/view.aspx?cid=6F40FB61D28CF147&resid=6F40FB61D28CF147%21910
about how the messages are related to discussion:!/view.aspx?cid=6F40FB61D28CF147&resid=6F40FB61D28CF147%21911

(for MOSS 2007)
You may create a workflow for your Discussion Board with SharePoint Designer 2007(SPD) to send email to the one who created the discussion whenever message is created or changed.
1.      Open your SharePoint site in SPD, click File->New->Workflow;
2.      Specify the name of your discussion (suppose it is “discussion”) board to attach the workflow to; uncheck allow workflow to start manually and check both start workflow when item is created and changed; click next;
3.      Click Conditions->compare discussion field, and set the condition to be: If Content Type equals Message.  (The discussion board contains two content type: discussion and message. Since SPD workflow cannot be associated specific content type, you may put a condition before send email activity so that email only send out to discussion creator by changing of message);
4.      Click Actions->Send an Email->this message;
5.      In the “Define Email message” dialog, click the button to the right of “To” address box, this would bring out “Select Users” dialog;
6.      In the left list box of “Select Users” dialog, double click “workflow lookup …”, “Define Workflow lookup ” dialog would appear;
7.      In the “Source” field of “Define Workflow lookup” dialog, choose the list name of your discussion board (“discussion”);
8.      In the “Field” field of “Define Workflow lookup” dialog, choose “Created By”;
9.      In the second “Field” field of “Define Workflow lookup” dialog, choose “Discussion:ID”;
10.   In the “Value” field of “Define Workflow lookup” dialog, click “fx” button to is right, another “Define Workflow lookup” dialog would appear; choose “current item” and “Parent Folder ID” and click OK, then the “Value” field of the first “Define Workflow lookup” dialog would be “Discussion:Parent Folder ID”;click OK to save the “Define workflow lookup” dialog;

11.   Click OK to save the “Select Users” dialog; the “To” field of the “Define E-mail message” dialog would be “discussion:Created by”; In short, step 4-10 means to send an email to the creator of the discussion for the current message;
12.   You can further define the “Subject” and “Body” part of the email;
13.   Click finish to save the workflow.
For more about define workflow lookup dialog, see
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