Use 2008 R2 server in 2003 R2 x64 Citrix 4.5 farm


I need to build a new app server in my 4.5 Citrix Farm for a one-off demo.  Due to some issues, I can't build a new 2003 R2 x64 server and join it to the farm.

Can I build a 2008 R2 server and join it to the existing Citrix 4.5 Farm?  I do have the correct 2008 TS licenses that I can put on the new server.

Thank you.

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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't run XA 4.5 on W2k8R2, you'll need XenApp 6.0 or 6.5, and you can't combine XA 4.5 and 6.x in the same farm.
Either make the W2k3 installation possible, or create a new farm for the W2k8R2.
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