DFS target shall move

Hi together,

I have 2 fileservers in two different Locations. I am using a DFS-share with two target-folders and replication between the two locations. All works fine.
Now I attached on both Servers a new harddrive. And I want to use this new harddrive for my shares.
I thougth this would be very easy.
1. Stop DFS and replication
2. Disable the share on both Servers
3. Move the Files to the new drive
4. Setup the Share on the new drive
5. restart DFS an Replication

DFS worx fine but replication....If u have a glance on the DFS Manager u can see there is explicit an entry to drive:\myshare and not \\myserver\myshare.
replication does not work anymore.

Last possibility was to destroy DFS-Share and Setup everything new....
This was possible for a small share with only 2 GB.

But I have another one with about 100 GB...on a WAN-line...???

Anyone an idea...?
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