File permissions Server 2008

I have a SBS 2008 which has several shared folders.

The client has asked for one file to be restricted to allow only certain users to be able to edit it.

I changed the security setting after clicking Advanced and removing the tick from Inherit permissions.

All was fine until a user edited and saved the file. The inherited permissions came back.

How do I stop it inheriting the permissions.
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Then that file is an Office file (or from an application that saves files the same way Office does). Office first saves to a temporary file in the original file's folder, and if the save was successful, the original file will be deleted and the the temporary file renamed to the original name.
Since a new file is generated with each save, this file will always inherit the folder's permissions again.
You can't stop that from happening.
Description of the way that Excel saves files
You can of course stop this, but it will be necessary for you to place the file into a new folder (even a subfolder of the folder it currently resides in) and then on the new folder, set the explicit permissions that you want to have inherited to this confidential file.

Done and done.

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Winfix1Author Commented:
It was an Office file so the solution was to change the folder permissions and let the file inherit the permissions as suggested by Sommerblink.
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