Need Software Recommendation

I'm currently conducting a literature review.    To most efficiently organize "subjects" and "corresponding authors", I've tried various software.    

For example, I've tried the following software:
- Visio
- Free Mind
- Mind Map
- Systemizer Software
- etc.

While all of the above are great products (and I've used them in the past for other purposes), they don't seem to work -- from my perspective -- for a literature review.

For example:
- I envision to add containers for keywords.   Given that subjects will be interrelated, I need to be able to draw connectors among them (vs. just adding child nodes).
- For each container, I'd like to "explode" to the next level in order to show several numbers individually.

Problems with software tried thus far:
Visio -- while it does allow to connect as many containers as needed, I don't think I can collapse/explode a container.
MindMap/FreeMind -- while I can keep adding children nodes, I can't see to draw lines/connector in order to visualize a relationship across several nodes on the same level.

I'm not trying to make it overly complicated but I'd like to show the following:
1. A diagram showing a bunch of containers/boxes and how they relate to each other
2. On the next level, show the supporting authors who have contributed to a subject
3. Ideally, switch the view and generate a report/diagram where author = parent and all supporting subjects are listed as children.

And btw, did I mention that "free software" would be ideal?  

Thanks for any recommendations.

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Have a play with this
Let me know what you think.
ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the tip... I've watched the video (but I have not downloaded/installed the SW yet).

From the video, it appears that the SW will help with creating citation/references, right?   I'm not sure if it does generate visual maps of the references.   Does it?

I use a program called softcat for software info, the same site has software called bookcat, check it out at:
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ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:

thanks for the info on bookcat.   I've checked out the screenshots.   Looks like this software is for tracking books and so forth... pretty nifty but still not entirely what I'm after.

Instead I'm trying to design a literature map on subjects.   It'll be a "busy" diagram with drawing lines from A to B and B to C and maybe C to A... etc.  

Again, Visio would work; however, I just haven't figured out how to add unique records to a container.   That is, container for "Subject A" has been covered by "Author 1" and "Author 2", etc.

Makes sense?

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
mendeley allows you to upload papers and cross reference them as well as producing an indexed bibliography in the same way EndNote does - although I think it links in the way you want I'm not sure about the "mind maps" - I'll need to check.

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ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:

I use EndNote for citations... it's great.

Purpose of this task is rather different though... again, trying to build a visual/map to identify connections and gaps.

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