entire CA certificate will expire in a day time.

Dear Experts,

Looking into CA console I can see, all our certificate expire today, that includes top domain certificate and any other certificate that is been issued.  Just today our wireless users failed to authenticate and I am worried that by tomorrow even domain users that is connected through Ethernet cable may fail to login and authenticate.

How to renew existing CA certificate?
From google, it says you have to create new certificate.

- What is the process, do I have to create a new certificate for all expired ones, and by tomorrow, do you think users connected through Ethernet cable fail to authenticate?

- After creating new certificate, I assume the wireless access point should be updated with new certificate, is that correct?

I require your argent help

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VirastaRConnect With a Mentor UC Tech Consultant Commented:

Try Renewing a "CA Certificate"
Windows 2003 CA Renew
Additional Information:
Renew a root certification authority

Renew a subordinate certification authority

Hope that helps :)
Patrick BogersConnect With a Mentor Datacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

If your CA is expiring all giving certificates by that CA are expiring as well.
To renew your CA please follow this step by step.

Once the CA certificate is in place you need to re-validate all certificates. I assume you have a GPO in where you distribute the certificate to your clients so this should not be a big issue.
uknet80Author Commented:
I managed to renew the root certificate.  but i have some certificate require to be renewed "If possible" or to be created again.

we have a wireless controller that require certificate to authenticate, can you please provide me with detail of how to import certificate from Wireless Controller to CA. and what are the steps?

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VirastaRConnect With a Mentor UC Tech Consultant Commented:

Glad that you got that going..

You can renew a certificate with same Public key or new Public key

Recommended Method for your scenario - Try renewing the certificate with a same key.

Please find the steps below:

Renew a certificate with the same key

Renew a certificate with a new key

Please explain more about your Wireless Controller? do you mean a Wi-Fi Device/Modem/Router?

Why you are trying to import a certificate into a CA?
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
The WAP's cert will be on the certificate server you may have to renew it then follow the steps you originally did to import the new certificate to the WAP
uknet80Author Commented:
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